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Academic Events

To Spread Love Media Forum (No.54):Professor Zheng Baowei's Learning Guidance Report on "Twelve Lectures on Marxist Journalism"

"Journalism subject is the root of journalism, and the study of journalism theory needs to understand some classical knowledge," Professor Zheng Bao said in describing the importance of journalism.In the afternoon of June the 20th, a lecture on the theme of "Learning Guidance Report of Twelve Lectures on Marxist Views of Journalism" was held in Conference Room 502 of Journalism and Communication Building. Professor Zheng's ideas, methods and suggestions in compiling the textbook Marxist Views of Journalism were shared from the aspects of the background and process of the compiling.Some opinions and hopes on learning and constructing the knowledge of Marxist View of Journalism were put forward.

At the beginning of this lecture, Professor Zheng Bao introduced the background of the Twelve Lectures on Marxist Views of Journalism, which condensed the collective wisdom and efforts of the subject group and the members of the writing group.In addition, Professor Zheng pointed out that the compilation of "Twelve Lectures on Marxist Views of Journalism" went through several stages of orientation, calibration, positioning and finalization, mainly focusing on General Secretary Xi Jinping's several important speeches.Subsequently, after a brief explanation of the content of the textbook "Twelve Lectures on Marxist Views of Journalism",Professor Zheng Bao put forward some hopes and suggestions to the students who came to attend the lecture.

After the lecture, Professor Luo Zhenglin, Vice President, summarized the lecture and said that we should guard journalism. In the field of journalism, we should conduct more in-depth research, enhance news literacy and broaden the new world of journalism.