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Academic Events

To Spread Love Media Forum (No.64):Professor Zhang Kun shared "Thinking about National Brands"

On the afternoon of October 30, Professor Zhang Kun, a professor and doctoral tutor of the School of Journalism and Information Communication at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, came to our school and brought an academic title entitled “Thinking about National Brands” to the graduate students in the 206 classroom of Xinchuan Building. Zhang Xiaofeng presided over the lecture.
First of all, Professor Zhang Kun takes the background of the national brand construction as the starting point, and comprehensively describes the real context of “globalization, informationization, changes in the world's power structure, and the rise of China” in China's national brand building, and throws the key questions: “What image should China face the world?” Subsequently, Professor Zhang Kun  elaborate on the thinking of national brand building from four aspects “The Analysis of Brand and National Brand Concept”, “The Source of National Brand Consciousness”, “Understanding the Four Dimensions of National Brands”, “Shaping the Country".

Finally, Professor Zhang proposed that for the national brand building, it should "make a good product, do its own service around the product, assume the responsibility of the big country and show the style of a big country, and effectively carry out brand promotion."
Professor Zhang Kun uses the vivid cases and easy-to-understand language to express the profoundness and necessity of national brand building, and points out that the road to construction has a long way to go. Professor Zhang Kun hopes that in the future, there will be more media students participating in the grand event, promoting China's real establishment of a big country brand and demonstrating the style of a big country.