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Academic Events

To Spread Love Media Forum (No.65):Professor Gu Liping shared “Privacy in the process of communication: from ‘Right to Live in Peace’ to ‘Right to be Deleted’”

On the evening of October 28th, the doctoral tutor and director of the professor committee of our school, the leader of the journalism communication science of Jiangsu Province, and the president of the Media Regulation and Ethics Research Committee, Professor Gu Liping, brought the graduate students a theme lecture in the 206 classroom of Xinchuan Building. The topic entitled “Privacy in the process of communication: from ‘Right to Live in Peace’ to ‘Right to be Deleted’”.
At the beginning of the lecture, Professor Gu Liping first introduced the most primitive appeal of the privacy of “Right to Live in Peace”.Mr. Gu believes that the privacy of citizens arises from the germination of people's shame consciousness. When people get sheltered, they begin to seek protection of residential privacy.
As of now, the “right to live in peace” is still the core part of privacy. Gu believes that although the right to privacy refers to “personal rights of citizens who are unwilling to disclose personal freedom of life and secrets of life”, it is necessary to pay attention to the differences in individual circumstances.
Then, Mr. Gu believes in the era of big data, almost everyone is in a privacy dilemma. For example, in the "Online Shopping Carnival", people have no secrets in front of big data. When consumers order clothes, their height, weight, waist circumference and spending power are all visible.
Subsequently, Mr. Gu turned the topic to "integrated privacy and non-inductive harm." He pointed out that integrated privacy refers to the privacy of data mining technology to regularly integrate the digital traces that people keep on the network. The earliest privacy was primarily the privacy of biometrics, such as the image of the body's skin, while integrated privacy was a form of digital privacy. Privacy infringement can lead to mental pain in the privacy theme, but when the integrated privacy is hurt, the privacy subject is often “no sense”, that is, there is no perception of such harm.
Finally, Mr. Gu talked about the legal protection of privacy rights. He pointed out that the reason why privacy is important is because it involves human dignity, and every student should become a "dignified person."
In this lecture, Professor Gu went deep into the simple language and quoted the classics. He explained the privacy right in the process of communication with a vivid example, so that the students are not only inspired by academic thinking, but also have great daily life for everyone. Help.