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Academic Events

To Spread Love Media Forum (No.67):Professor Zhou Shuhua shared "Media Perception and Hostile Media"

On the morning of November 4th, Zhou Shuhua,Professor of the School of Journalism at the University of Missouri, former President of the International Chinese Communication Society, currently Vice Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Communication Alliance (ACPC), visited the School of Journalism and Communication, Nanjing Normal University, and brought Lecture entitled "Media Perception and Hostile Media" to teachers and students in Room 502 of Xinchuan Building.The lecture was presided over by Dean Zhang Xiaofeng.
At the beginning of the lecture, Professor Zhou Shuhua interpreted relevant important concepts. He believes that "Hostile Media" mainly refers to the media that the audience perceives to be unfriendly to oneself; and the subjective perception of "Subjective Perception" mainly includes three main aspects: environment, people and information.

Professor Zhou Shuhua believes that if you want to understand the concept of "hostile media," you must think of a question - "whether the media is biased." This type of objective research focuses on whether journalists have a preconceived tendency in reporting, whether they are influenced by subjective ideas, because not everyone uses rational thinking to think about problems. He took an example to prove that the media does not have a pre-set position, and the entire journalism industry still presents an objective and fair situation.
Since the media still presents a relatively fair situation, why do people still think that the media is biased? Professor Zhou Shuhua believes that this is mainly caused by the "Hostile Media Effect", and the related research on this effect focuses on the media bias of personal perception.
The theory of hostile media is mainly influenced by the degree of involvement of the audience and the bias of media reports, and can be explained by the Social Identification Theory, Priming and Theory of Information Processing. Early studies mostly used the factional attributes of the audience as the primary measure of the degree of involvement. Later studies further subdivided the “degree of involvement” into value-relevant involvement and outcome-related involvement . Professor Zhou Shuhua believes that the root of the hostile media lies in the fact that the excessive subjective expectation of the self-group is inconsistent with the facts. Therefore, any balanced report is considered to be unfavorable to oneself.
Finally, Professor Zhou Shuhua introduced the new progress of the mediation, deepening and extension of the hostile media, and believes that there are still many potential area such as the phenomenon of western media demonizing China and the 2019 Trade War event. During the lecture, Prof. Zhou Shuhua gave a profound academic feast to the students in a simple and simple way, which made the students deeply inspired.