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Academic Events

To Spread Love Media Forum (No.68):Professor Zhou Shuhua Shares "SSCI Paper Publishing: from the Perspective of the Author and Editor"

On the morning of November the 4th, Professor Zhou Shuhua, Professor Leonard H. goldenson of the school of journalism of the University of Missouri, former president of the international communication society of China and now vice chairman of the Asia Pacific Communication Alliance (ACPC), visited the school of Journalism and communication of Nanjing Normal University. In room 206 of the news and communication building, he brought an academic lecture entitled "SSCI paper publishing: from the perspective of the author and the editor" to teachers and students. The lecture was presided over by Mr. Zhuang Xi, vice president.

First of all, Professor Zhou Shuhua pointed out that the publication of SSCI papers can experience many hardships.Although it is difficult, it still has the opportunity to publish high-quality SSCI papers. The full name of SSCI is social science citation index, which was created by Thomson Reuter. Professor Zhou Shuhua stressed that we should pay attention to the relevant standards when publishing. Then, Professor Zhou Shuhua focuses on the concepts of impact factor and Hirsch index.Professor Zhou Shuhua quoted the saying of "publish or death" in American academic circles to prove the particularity and importance of paper publishing.After the lecture, Professor Zhou Shuhua answered the questions put forward by the students in detail.

Through this lecture, teachers and students of our college have benefited a lot, and have a clearer understanding of the issues related to SSCI papers, which is conducive to better completion of paper writing in the future.