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Academic Events

To Spread Love Media Forum (No.69):Chief Editor Liu Shouhua Shares "Five Key Words of China News Award"

On the afternoon of November the 6th, Chief Editor Liu Shouhua, executive vice chairman of Jiangsu Journalists Association and the leader of the national press and publishing industry,visited the school of Journalism and communication of Nanjing Normal University. In room 206 of the news and communication building, he brought an academic lecture entitled "five key words of China News Award: the inspiration of China News Award and  Jiangsu Good News selection". The lecture was held by Professor Hu Zhengqiang.
At the beginning of the lecture,editor Liu Shouhua interpreted the background of China News Award.He took the award-winning works of the current China News Award as an example, combined with the evaluation and submission of works in Jiangsu Province, shared the experience of the selection of the current China News Award with teachers and students from five aspects: heavy theme, unique perspective, selection of varieties, ingenuity expression and value realization, and encouraged everyone to take the award as the highest goal and make unremitting efforts for it.
First, the heavy theme is to focus on major themes and time propositions;Second, the unique perspective, which is an indisputable award-winning quality.Third, the selection of varieties is an award-winning means to highlight the tension of news.We should create excellent products on different news varieties and news platforms.Fourth, expression of ingenuity, which is the most basic award-winning requirements.Ingenuity is accuracy; accuracy is refinement and accuracy. In fact, the expression of ingenuity is the strong writing skills.Fifth, the realization of value is the winning chips that need to be presented in the world. Value and effect are the response of the audience to the news works.
In this lecture,editor Liu Shouhua provided students with practical optimization methods and promotion paths for creating news works through profound and simple explanations and rich and vivid cases, which made the present teachers and students feel a lot and benefit a lot.