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Academic Events

To Spread Love Media Forum (No70):Editor-in-chief Li Yuesen's Interpretation of "The Status Quo and Trends of TV Drama Creation"

In the afternoon of November 15, Li Yuesen, executive editor and senior editor of China Television Magazine, and adjunct professor of Communication University of China, visited the School of Journalism and Communication of Nanjing Normal University and brought the lectures entitled "The Status Quo and Trends of TV Drama Creation" to graduate students in the conference room 408 of the Xinchuan Building.Professor Liu Yongzhang hosted the lecture.
At the beginning of the lecture, Mr. Li started from the current status of the TV drama market. He believes that the TV drama market is currently undergoing great changes. Since 2018, the changes in various broadcast channels have proved that people are changing from "chasing IP" to "returning to originality".He took the specific repertoires of TV and video websites as examples to prove that the formation of the trend began in the summer of 2018.
Where is the way out for future TV series? He made it clear that the TV series will not disappear, but only transformed into another form of existence. The current TV series is facing the challenge of the new media environment, and also faces the bottleneck of its own development. 
Therefore, in terms of creation, Mr. Li believes that TV dramas should focus on realism as the direction to improve the quality of art and carry out differentiated communication. Among them, he focused on interpreting what is realism. He believes that realism is a world view and value stand. TV drama creators should understand realism flexibly, and take topicality, recognition, and sense of substitution as the new pursuit of realism.
In the lecture, Mr. Li explained in simple terms, using specific cases to explain the current problems and future development trends of the TV drama industry, and presented a wonderful academic lecture for everyone, which let students have a deeper understanding of the TV drama industry.