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Academic Events

To Spread Love Media Forum (No.75):Professor Lei Yuejie Shares "Concept, Connotation, Characteristics and Development Trend of Integrated Reporting"

In the afternoon of December the 5th, Professor Lei Yuejie, director of the Institute of public opinion, professor and doctoral supervisor, member of the academic committee of China University of media, and distinguished professor of Hunan University, brought the topic "concept, connotation, characteristics and development trend of integrated reporting——a comparative analysis of the ratio of Pulitzer news prize and China news prize. The academic lecture  is hosted by Associate Professor Gao Hao.
At the beginning of the lecture, Professor Lei Yuejie gave a brief introduction to the research background. He noted that in recent years, China News Awards have paid more and more attention to media integration. In 2018, the 28th China News Award for the first time added a media integration award. So how to judge the boundary between online report and integrated report? To solve this problem, Professor Lei Yuejie led us to explore and study the integrated reporting.First of all, Professor Lei Yuejie uses the text analysis method to make a comparative analysis of the "integrated reporting" works of China News Award and Pulitzer News Award.After analyzing the case, Professor Lei Yuejie discusses the concept and characteristics of the integrated reporting.Then, Professor Lei Yuejie looks forward to the development trend and Prospect of "integrated reporting".
Finally, Professor Lei Yuejie concluded that he was optimistic about the development of "integrated reporting". He pointed out: "from the perspective of media development, there is no time when human creation can produce so many media forms. From the perspective of the integration of traditional media and new media, this era offers many opportunities, but more challenges. From the perspective of social development to observe the changes of media, we need to see whether the media can bring people and society well-being. The same is true for integrated reporting. Only by continuously innovating, combining high-quality news and information content with advanced communication technology, and leading the values to develop in a healthy direction, can news products survive and develop in the wave of transformation of the media industry. "