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Academic Events

To Spread Love Media Forum: Professor Chen Weixing shared the meaning of mediasphere in methodology

On the afternoon of March 16th, Professor Chen Weixing, the associate dean of Communication Institute in Communication University of China, the director of International Communication Studies Center and one of the presidents of Committee of China Journalism History, gave us a brilliant lecture about the meaning of mediasphere in methodology. Professor Luo Zhenglin, the assistant dean of our school, presented the lecture.

In the lecture, Professor Chen defined today's media and mediology first. He holds the opinion that media is the extension of people, so mediology should focus more on people. For better understanding, he recommended three books for us. They are Media Convergence, Introduction to Media, and Cours de Médiologie Générale. Then, Professor Chen introduced the concept of mediasphere. He thinks that mediasphere can be divided into three levels vertically. First, logosphere. That's where we are affected by the oral speech culture when writing and communicating. Second, printing sphere. That means it is printing technique that puts the reason into the whole symbolic environment. Third, audiovisual sphere. The representations of ediasphere are all kinds of effects of culture and society with the rapid evolution of information technology. At last, Professor Chen posed three things for us to consider. First, the hedging of text and environment. Second, the exponential risk of informational algorithms. Third, the meaning of technical misappropriation.

In conclusion, Professor Chen said that mediasphere is not only to discuss how media carries information, but also to verify how mediated text gets involved in the reproduction of social relations and then becomes the power origin of social changes in a specific technical context.

In the end, Professor Luo expressed our gratitude for Professor Chen, who brought us a feast of knowledge. And all of us are looking forward that Professor Chen will come again.