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Academic Events

To Spread Love Media Forum: Professor Li Bin, Speech of Rebuilding the Spirit of Journalism Regarding Marxist Views of Journalism in the New Era

On 14th of November, Professor Li Bin, director of the Academic Committee of Tsinghua University’s School of Journalism, also the doctoral tutor, was invited to give a speech entitled “Speech of Rebuilding the Spirit of Journalism Regarding Marxist Views of Journalism in the New Era” in the Xinchuan Building.


There is a serious disorder in the current news industry. Endless fake news happens. The magazine “journalists” set up a column called “Top Ten Fake News of the Year” to encourage journalists to pay attention to the authenticity of the new, yet it is of little effect. The journalism industry is still in chaos. Professor L gave his own views on this. According to him, the reason why it happened due to the lack of the spirit of journalism. The spirit of Journalism is the core of the Marxist views of journalism.

Professor Li explained his view from two points. One was from Chinese modern history. He asked the question why the history chose Marxism. The answer was it fitted the Chinese society. The other was from the revision of the Liberation Daily of Yan’an time when seeking truths from facts and mass line were emphasized.

After the speech, Professor Lin had active interactions with the students present. Students came up with three questions. How can the youth be interested in Marxism? Whether should we take Marxism as belief? The western civilization entered China. It should have been refused, yet in fact, lots of people accepted it. And so did the journalism industry. Why would it happen? Professor Li gave his answers based on the questions. According to Professor Li, the youth needed to know the core of journalism industry was Marxism. And Marxism could only be belief when we fully understood it. As to the invasion of western civilization, we needed to build culture confidence. (text by Liu Danni, picture by Lv Di)