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Academic Events

To Spread Love Media Forum: Professor Wang Runze, Speech of the History Idiosyncrasies of the Values of Chinese Journalism Cultures

On the evening of May 24th, Professor Wang Runze, the doctoral supervisor and the assistant dean of School of Journalism of Renmin University of China, was invited to our school to share her opinion on the history idiosyncrasies of the values of Chinese journalism cultures with our teachers and students. Professor Zhang Xiaofeng, the dean of our school, hosted the lecture.

Firstly, Professor Wang said that the Chinese history and culture are so special that we don't have any politicalscientists. And she also led us to think why that is. And then, she talked about the differences between Chinese and western academic study as well as the differences in journalism culture. The core of western news idea is the freedom, authenticity and objectivity of news. These ideas were introduced to China and then there came a question: What was the feasibility of these in China? So we need to discuss this from two aspects. One is the  history of theoretical ideas; the other is the history of historical records practice.

Secondly, Professor Wang talked about the features and value of opinion newspapers on politics. Besides, she shared her opinions on newspapers of radical revolutionary political parties and the value and future of newspapers of revolutionaries. What's more, she introduced the popular and business newspapers and their regional culture features. Speaking of Chinese ideas of news value, she pointed out that communication is the core. And then she explained why it is not freedom and also the relations between communication and indoctrination.

At last, Professor Wang analyzed the historical context of the authenticity of news. She said that the authenticity has never been the highest value of Chinese media because of the development environment of modern media. Besides, the long-term chaos caused by war also did enormous harm to the authenticity. What's more, the ideographic aesthetic culture and the cohesive political orientation of China are also the reasons.

Professor Wang's analyses of the history idiosyncrasies of the values of Chinese journalism cultures are so impressive that students learned a lot. In the end, Dean Zhang Xiaofeng expressed our sincere thanks again to Professor Wang's brilliant sharing!