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Academic Events

To Spread Love Media Forum(No.121):High-quality development practice of Nanjing film industry

On the afternoon of December 25th, Tao Tiantian, Director of the Film Division of the Propaganda Department of the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee, gave an academic lecture entitled "Practice for the High-quality Development of Nanjing Film Industry" to the graduate students. The lecture was hosted by Professor Zhang Xiaofeng, the dean of our college. At the beginning of the lecture, Director Tao shared her work experience, “All these mobilizations are related to the general policy background, but also related to the value of film propaganda, and at the same time related to the mission and task of propaganda and ideological work under the new situation.” Director Tao Start this lecture with "I have been in the film industry for a year, what have I done as a filmmaker and manager?"


First of all, Director Tao pointed out that the political consciousness, position and pattern must be correct, and the mission and responsibility of propaganda should be kept in mind. Movie is an important manifestation of cultural soft power and also an important symbol of Chinese culture going out. Director Tao cited the two films "Wolf Warrior" and "Mulan" as examples. At present, there are still differences in culture and world languages ​​between "going out" and "incoming". So, when we have a certain economic foundation, how should we explain our culture in the face of cultural differences? How to find our place in the world platform? Movies have greatly helped the culture "going out".


Immediately afterwards, Director Tao mentioned that China’s cultural industry is currently the most open in the entire industry chain, directly facing global competition, and has the highest degree of marketization. The Chinese film market is also the fastest growing market in the world, with the world’s largest number of screens. No. 1 in film attendance and box office in the world, as well as the third largest country in global film production. Director Tao pointed out that in the face of the world’s film right to speak, we have to recognize the pattern of “where the ticket warehouse is, the right to speak”. Movies are changing the pattern of Chinese culture while affecting global cultural discourse.


Later, Director Tao mentioned that Nanjing has ranked in the top ten in the national box office rankings for three consecutive years since 2017. Director Tao analyzed the reasons for the current good development of the film industry in Nanjing. As my country's cultural consumption continues to grow, movies have become one of the most popular cultural products and services among residents. Nanjing residents are willing to go to theaters to support the film industry. This has a long history with the development of Nanjing's film industry, and Nanjing has a rich film and literature heritage. Related.


Finally, Professor Zhang Xiaofeng thanked Director Tao Tiantian for the wonderful lecture. He said that this is not only a simple academic report, but also a professional training. Director Tao’s in-depth interpretation of industry development trends and experience provides graduate students with new research perspectives and topic selection directions, and reminds students present to have a sense of innovation, pattern awareness, and sense of anxiety for future work. This is even more important. The valuable experience guide for students in future career choice and development.