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Academic Events

Xia Dong Attend the 2019 International Conference of Partnership for Progress on the Digital Divide In the USA

The 2019 International Conference of Partnership for Progress on the Digital Divide (founded in 2002 by the National Institute of Communication (NCA)) was held in Washington, D.C., May 22-24, 2019, to mark the 25th Anniversary of Social Science Research on Digital Divide. Xia Dong, doctoral student of our school attended the conference in Washington.
Many scholars, policy makers and practitioners gathered at the conference to discuss from an interdisciplinary perspective how to further understand the manifestation of digital divide in today's world and how to make efforts from the policy level to reduce the further expansion of digital divide. The conference's research topics include: access and connectivity gap, digital inclusion, digital exclusion, digital inequality, digital engagement and digital disengagement, social and cultural implications of digital divide, and mobile divide. Xia Dong gave a speech at the conference on "Research on Intergenerational Conflict in China's WeChat Circle of Friends".
Vinton G. Cerf, vice President and chief Internet specialist of Google, gave the speech titled “Bridging the Digital Divide”. On May 22 and 23, several branch meetings were held at the same time. Scholars, political makers and social practitioners from different countries presented their research results, experiences and ideas, as well as the challenges and opportunities they encountered. On May 24, there was a high level of interaction between all speakers and other attendees in the all-weather seminar, so as to establish partnership and develop a plan of action, in order to promote the digital divide agenda, and will be linked to global research, policy and practice, put forward constructive suggestions and measures.