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Chujie Chen Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Media sociology
  • Digital Journalism Research
  • New media and society
  • Media and social memory
  • Rural Communication

Research situation:

  • Host the Humanities and Social Sciences Youth Fund Project of the Ministry of Education: "Journalistic Sociology Research in the Context of Fusion: A Cultural Approach"
  • Presided over the annual project of the National Hong Kong and Macau Research Association: "Systematic Analysis and Criticism of Hong Kong's "Radical Nativism" Discourse: A Study Centered on Media Discourse"
  • Presided over the Young Teacher Project of Fundamental Scientific Research Expenses for Central Universities: "Research on the Evolution of Journalism Boundary and Cultural Authority in the New Media Environment (1995-2016)"
  • Participated in a number of provincial and ministerial social science projects

Representative results:

  • ""There was a reporter before, and then he went to start a business": Media Entrepreneurship Narrative and Entrepreneur Identity Construction" (CSSCI)
  • "Significance, News Authority and Cultural Structure: The Cultural-Social Path of Journalism Research" (CSSCI)
  • "Border Work in Media Memory, Professional Nostalgia, and Cultural Authority: Taking the Memorial Discourse of the Death of Yang Weiguang, the former Director of CCTV as an example" (CSSCI)
  • "Social Media, the Controversy between Professional "Others" and "Journalists" in Cultural Authority: Taking Ji Xuguang's Weibo Anti-corruption Controversy as an Example (CSSCI)
  • "The Discourse of Professionalism in the News Community: A Perspective of Boundary Work" (CSSCI)
  • "Setting the Press Boundaries: The Case of Southern (Nanfang) Media Group"