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Deshan Yu Professor

Academic Area: 
Media Culture
Research Interests: 
  • Media Culture
  • Internet Communication and China Social Development
  • Visual Culture Narrative and Communication
  • News and Publishing Research

Educational Background

PhD, Department of Chinese Language and literature, Nanjing University (2003)

MA, Department of Chinese Language and literature, Nanjing University (1997)

Research Projects

  • “Research on the Chinese  Current Newsmagazine ” (project supported by  Nanjing Normal University),2003-2006.
  • “Internet Communication and China Social Development , (project supported by the Jiangsu Social Science Foundation),2009-2012;
  • “New media public opinion field and the social public information management research”, (project supported by the Jiangsu Social Science Foundation),2014-2016;
  • China history of technology of the image news and communication, (the sub-projects of the National social science major projects ),2014-2018;
  • New media visual culture communication research, (the National social science key projects ),2016-2019;

  Journal Articles

  • “The Scholar Images Shaping and its Meaning in the Relationship of Poetry and Picture” . Journal of Art , (No.1, 2007).
  •  “The Narrative and it Communication of HanXizai YeYanTu.” Journal of Jiangxi Social Science , (No.9, 2007).
  •   “Studies on Chinese Ancient Novels Language -Pictural  Intertextuality Phenomenon ", Journal of the Study of Ming and Qing dynasties Novels , (No.3,2003).
  • “The Analysis of the Chinese and Western  Space-Time of Art” ,Journal of Jianghai  Journal, (No.1,2004).
  • “Chinese Image Narratology”, Journal of Social Science Front , (No.1,2004).
  •   “Reflection on the Boom of Modern Consumption culture Chinese Image Narratology”, Journal of Transaction of Jiangsu radio and television university,  (No.2,2007).
  • “Mass Media and Transformation of Contemporary Chinese News discourse”, Journal of the News of Knowledge , (No.8,2005).
  • “Chinese Contemporary Media Culture Impulsion and Cultural Ecology”, Journal of the Press , (No.3,2005).
  • “Rural Chinese Contemporary TV News Dissemination and Cultural Ecology”, Journal of Chinese TV , (No.7,2005). 
  • “Bourdieu's News Field Theory and the Practical Significance ”, Journal of the News Knowledge , (No.5,2005).
  • “Contemporary Chinese TV Spots and Cultural Ecology”, Journal of Chinese TV , (No.10,2006).
  • “The Rise of China's Network Video and Visual Culture Ecology ”, Journal of Chinese TV , (No.8,2009).
  • “Analysis of 30 Years of our Media Images of Athletes, Journal of Sports and Science , (No.4,2009).
  • “Media Myths and Commercial Miracle: Analysis of the Characteristics of Contemporary Chinese Sports Culture Dissemination”, Journal of the Sports Science, (No.3, 2007).
  • The financial crisis of American newspapers and its development strategies,Publishing Journal,(No.4,2010).
  • Contemporary Chinese network public opinion and the news public opinion supervision, Xinhua abstract,(No.1,2011)
  • The "knowledge" communication of contemporary television and media cultural ecology, Journal of Chinese TV , (No.3,2011).
  • The challenges and countermeasures of journalism and communication education in the United States Under the background of media convergence, Modern Communication,(No.12,2011)
  • News journal influence and strategy in our country, Modern Publishing,(No.4,2012).
  • Role difference and identity confusion: network farmers image analysis, China Rural Survey,(No.6,2012).
  • On the external phenomenon of our country enterprise journal, Publishing Sciences, (No.4,2013).
  • The entity bookstore develop strategy and trend analysis of media mergence era, China Publishing, (No.22,2014).
  • The emergency of new media orientation and its regulation, Chongqing social sciences, (No.2,2015).
  • The three core problems of Chinese image in the research of journalism and communication technology, China Publishing, (No.24,2015).
  • The development of Chinese e-government application of new media and public information management transformation, Theoretical investigation, (No.4,2015).
  • Media culture study integrated paradigm, imagination and inspiration, social sciences in china review,( No.2,2016).


  • “Current Media Culture”, Beijing: Xinhua Press, 2005.
  •  “China Pictural Narrative and Communication”, Jinan: Shandong Literature and Art Press, 2008.
  •  “Create east new mainstream: the communication philosophy of Newsmagazine and its practice”, Beijing:China broadcasting and television press, 2011.
  • “An introduction to the contemporary media culture”, Beijing:China broadcasting and television press, 2012.
  • “Consensus and Disagreement:Information Communication Research of the Network Public Opinion”,:  Beijing:Social Sciences Academic Press,2016.

  Honors and Awards

  • Jiangsu province excellent graduate student graduation thesis guidance teachers ;
  • Nanjing normal university graduate student excellent mentor;
  • The 7th philosophy social sciences research outstanding achievement of Jiangsu province colleges and universities, the second prize;
  • Leading personnel of Jiangsu provincial press and publication(2013).

Academic Title

  • Director of Institute for culture and publishing research
  • Professor of Jiangsu Center for Collaborative Innovation in Geographical Information Resource Development and Application.


Tel: 86-2583598849