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Lei Zhang Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Communication
  • Drama and Movie Art

Educational Background

the "Ministry of Education - Japan Dentsu " visit Japan scholar.

Research projects

Presided over the provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects:

  • < micro film industry cultivation research on development and construction of > (Jiangsu Provincial Department of culture of Jiangsu Province Science and technology and art science planning projects funded). 
  • < small and medium enterprises in Jiangsu CI system into effect to enterprise management and development trend of > (Jiangsu Province Economic and Information Research Institute of project planning).

Journal Articles

In core journals: 

  • < new media environment of Japanese ads spread the status quo analysis of > published of the research results; 
  • < Matsumoto seicho film the spiritual world of > and so on many articles. 


Planning and presided over the design of multiple sets of books published:

  • Jiangsu Phoenix Publishing Group < Jiangnan dance art >
  • Jiangsu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection< Jiangsu anti-corruption initiate cheap historical cultural resources series >
  • Jiangsu Province five key books publishing planning project <positive psychology Books >.


  • Won the Japan < Matsumoto seicho Research Award career > awards; 
  • Won three times in a < Chinese college advertising section of the Academy Awards > (tutor) Gold Award; 
  • Won the < Jingdu awards > outstanding instructor award.