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Leijing Bi Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Movies & TV Aesthetics
  • Television Culture

Educational Background 

PhD, Comparative Literature and World Literature, Nanjing Normal University (2014)

Research Projects

  • The Reform and research on the practice of curriculum system Movies & TV Aesthetics  2010-2014  The project of Nanjing Normal University
  • High-quality goods resource sharing class of Movies & TV Aesthetics,2014 ,  The project of Nanjing Normal University
  • The documentary:  The construction process of Nanjing Yangtze river bridge,   2015-2016,    Latitudinal project

Journal Articles

  • A parable about the human world “The Lord of the rings”  Jan,2010, Movie literary
  • Wang zuoliang’s literary history and translation opinion of "the English poetic history" Jan,2010, Great Wall


  • A preliminary study on The film and television commentary, 2006, China broadcasting and television publishing house
  • The artistic knowledge about broadcasting and television,2007, Nanjing Normal Uiversity Press
  • Art and literature common sense knowledge,2009, Nanjing Normal University Press

Honors and Awards

Young teachers teaching competition first prize,2011, Nanjing Normal University

 Academic Title

The member of the experts  database for  the Modern Express


Tel: +86-25-83598525