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Ming Jing Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Journalism Practice
  • New media

Educational Background

MA, Journalism, Guangxi University (1999,on-the-job graduate)

Research Projects

  • The Study of Guilin’s Journalism History under the Background of KMT-CPC Cooperation during the Period of Anti-Japanese War. (the National  Philosophy and Social Science Project, 2008)
  • The Study of Sina Big Vs’ Communication Behavior and Anomie Countermeasures. (National Philosophy and Social Science Project, 2008)

  Journal Articles

  • “ A Party paper can't Criticize the Same Level’s Party committee”: a Study of Event of Guangxi Yishan Peasants Paper Criticizing Yishan Party Committee in 1953. (Journalism & Communication, No.3,2004).
  •  A Study of Newspaper Environment in Guilin during the period of Anti-Japanese War, (Journalism & Communication, No.3,2008).
  •  Observation of the Korean Army of Volunteers Information Campaigns in Guilin during the Anti-Japanese War. ( Journalism& Communication, No.2,2009)
  •  On the information Flow mode, Demassification Communication and the Influence of Mass Media over the Social Cohesion Under the Age of Media Convergence.(Journalism& Communication, No.5, 2011).
  •  A Study on Feedback Effect of Mass Communication-- Referencing the Mode of Circuit Feedback Effect. (Modern Communication,No.1,2008)
  •  On Everyone Must be equal before Public Opinion Supervision. (News Research, No. 11,2005. Xinhua Digest excerpted, No.10,2006)
  •  A Study of Xu Zhucheng’s News Practices in Guilin during the Period of Anti-Japanese War. (Journalism Bimonthly,No.3,2011)
  •  The Problem and Thinking in the Media Convergence Process under the Criticism of Media. (Modern Communication, No.4, 2010)
  •  Weibo “Fans” Phenomenon and its’ Problem. (News and Writing, No.6,2012. Xinhua Digest reproduced it with its’ entirety in No.18, 2012)
  •  Focus on the spread of the UK national image in London Olympics publicity.(Sports& Science, No.4,2012)
  •  The Research on News Criticism of Ta Kung Pao in the Early Period of the PRC.(Journalism Bimonthly,No.7,2015)
  •  The change and Thinking of Sina Big Vs’ Communication Behavior--Taking Public Emergency Events As Examples. (Modern Communication, No.5, 2016)


  • “Professional Interviewing and Reporting”(coauthored),Remin University of China Press,1991.
  • “Text News Interviewing and Writing Essential”. Tianjin Academy of Social Science Press, 1995.
  • “Question News”. HongKong Tianma Publishing Company, Feb.2003. 
  • “Organization and Communication of the Press Conference”.(first author),Guangxi People’s Publishing House, Nov.2004.
  • “News Awareness and News Writing”, Guangxi Normal University Press, Nov.2004.
  • “On the Subject of Interviewee”, the People Publishing House,Aug.2005.
  • “Conference News”, China University of Communication Press, May,2007. 
  • “Cellphone Communication”,(first author),the Xinhua Publishing House, Aug.2007.
  • “Practical Press Release”,(first author), the Xinhua Publishing House,Sept.2009.
  • “Anti-Japanese News History of Guilin”. Taiwan Mulan Culture Press,2013.
  • “News Comments Progressive Tense,” China Social Science Academic Press,2015.

  Honors and Awards

  • “Question News”won the second prize of Guangxi Eighth Social and Scientific Excellent Achievement Award.
  • “On the Subject of Interviewee”won the second prize of Guangxi Ninth Social and Scientific Excellent Achievement Award.
  • “Conference News”won the the second prize of Guangxi tenth Social and Scientific Excellent Achievement Award.
  • “Cellphone Communication”won the the second prize of Guangxi tenth Social and Scientific Excellent Achievement Award.

Academic Title

  • Director of Public Sentiment and Crisis Management Research Institute in Nanjing Normal University. 
  • Member of Communication Association of China.
  • Member of journalism and communication psychology Committee in Chinese Association of Social Psychology.