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Quan Liu Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Communication
  • Drama and Film Studies

Eduaction Background

Visting Scholar , University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in America.

Postdoctor, School of Communication in Hong Kong Baptist University.

PhD, Film Literature, Nanjing Normal University (2008)

MA, Educational Technology, Nanjing Normal University (2003)

BA, Audio-visual education, Nanjing Normal University (1995)

Research Projects

  • The influence of network environment on teenagers’ morality formation.(the Education Department of Jiangsu Province project)
  • Hong Kong Baptist University “Research in Chinese Television Content of 2009 ”
  • A sub-project of “Study on Contemporary Development paths of Opera Art ”: a Study of Network Chinese Opera Development paths. (a Major Art Project of National  Social Science Fund,2014 )
  • 14 Innovation Project--Research in Innovative Education of Television Broadcasting Professional Degree. (the Education Department of Jiangsu Province project)

Journal Articles  

  • Heroic Poetry  Anti-Japanese History-- the Character Figure Study of “The Northeast Anti-Japanese United Army” on the life-course theory.(    Quan Liu and Xue Geng , Chinese TV, No.12, 2015 )
  • Study on Construction of National Image in Domestic Animation from 2014 to 2015. (Quan Liu and Yusi Jing, News and Writing, No.3, 2016 )
  • A Correlation Research in Urban Teenagers’ Media Contact and Family Environment- Taking Jiangsu Province As an Case. (Modern Communication, No.6, 2015) 
  • “sublime words with deep meaning”--the Cultural Significance of “Micro-Lecture hall ” (TV Research, No.1,2014 )
  • The Concept Confirmation and Feature Research in Transmedia Film Narrative.(Modern Communication, Quan Liu and Jing Han, No.1,2013 )
  • To be Unified in the Collision: The Action and Reaction of Sports on Chinese Urbanization Process-- “Sports and City Development” Forum Literature.(Sports and Science,No.1, 2013 )
  • On the Mood Projection of Idealism and Aesthetics in Sports Studies--Academic Interview Record of Jin Dalu Researcher .(Sports and Science, No.2,2013)
  • Analysis on the Symbiotic Relationship Between Mass Media and Sports Competition Industry--A Case of NFL. (Sports and Science, No.3, 2013)
  • The Study of Professional Dimensions on the AIDS Report in Different Media in Mainland of China: a Case of World AIDS Day 2009. (Quan Liu, Jane D. Brown, Xinshu Zhao, Journalism& Communication , No.2, 2012 )  
  • From the “Uninhabited Female” to “XX-gate” the Influence of Unhealthy Network Information on Teenagers’ Moral Cognition.( Media Observer, No.4, 2011)
  • The Revelation from American TV Shopping Programs. (Media Observer, No.6, 2010)
  • Study on Characteristics of Idol Worship of Teenagers in the Age of Media. (Media Observer, No.9, 2010)   
  • The Visual Change of Martial Art Image in Sword-fighting Films.(Quan Liu and Chao Wu, Hundred Schools in Arts, No.s1,2010) 
  • The Spirit World of Jim Carrey in Films. (Movie Review,No.23,2007)
  • Analysis on the Phenomenon of the Absence of Rural Children in Children TV Programs. (China Radio& TV Academic Journal, No.3, 2006) 
  • Again On the effect of Information Technology on TV News Programs.(TV Research, No.8,2003)  
  • Actuality Study of Education and Technology Channel of Local TV stations. (China Radio& TV Academic Journal,No.4, 2003)
  • Analyzing the Effect of Media Environment on Social Interaction for Teenagers. (News Research, No.Z1,2003)
  • The Change of Animated Cartoons Research in China and Study on its’ Influence Factors. (Quan Liu and Rong Zong, Modern Communication, No.6,2016)  
  • The Status Analysis and Countermeasure Research of Network Communication of Drama. (Ying Hu and Quan Liu, No.2, 2016 ) 
  • Analyzing on  Entertainment of Teenagers in the Modern Media Environment. (News Research, No.3,2005) 
  • On the Generating of Teenagers’ Morality in Media Environment. (News Research, No.1,2004)
  • Study on the Humanized participation of Media in News Events.(News  Research, No.12,2004)    
  • On the Nativism Complex of Chinese Films. (Film Art, No.6,2003)


  • “TV Photography Art”,  China Radio and Television Press, Dec. 2001
  • “Theory and Practice of  Film & Television After Special Effects”,China Radio and Television Press(individual author), January,2006. 
  • “The light of Communication History”, Nanjing Normal University Press, (the second author), April  2001.
  • “Modern Vision Media Art”, Higher Education Press, January 2004.
  • “Introduction to Visual Culture”, Jiangsu People Press, May 2005.
  • “Film and Television Art Photography”,Nanjing Normal University Press, September 2009.
  • “Introduction of Animation”, Wu Han University of Technology Press,(coauthored), May 2004.
  • “The View of Television Art Image Thought”, China Radio and Television Press, September 2011. 
  • “TV News Photography”,  China Radio and Television Press, January 2013.  

Academic Title

  • Member of Chinese Collegial Association For Visual Art. 
  • Deputy ecretary of Network Audio-visual Society in Chinese Collegial Association For Visual Art.
  • Member of China Children Film Association
  • Member of Media Art Institute of Jiangsu Province.