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Shanbing Gao Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
  • New Media Communication
  • TV and New Media Art
  • Visual Communication
  • History of Journalism in Republic of China

Educational Background

Ph.D in Jounalism, Nanjing Normal University

M.A in Communication,Nanjing Normal University (2007)

B.A in Modern Educational Technology,Nanjing Normal University (2002)

Research Projects

  • The Study on Multimedia Integration of Broadcasting and TV in Jiangsu Province, 12TQC009, Jiangsu Philosophy and Social Science Fund, Concluded.
  • The Study on Multimedia Integration of Newspaper Industry under the Background of New Media,2010SJB860002, Jiangsu Higher Education Philosophy and Social Science Research Fund, Concluded.
  • The Study on the Development of Broadcasting and TV under the Background of Media Integration, CXZZ13_0381, Innovation Project for Graduate Students in Jiangsu Higher Institutions, Concluded.
  • The Study on Innovative Model of Practical Teaching of Multimedia Integrated Journalism, 2014-2016, Key Project of Nanjing Normal University Higher Education Reform,Concluded.

Journal Articles

  • Shanbing Gao (2016), “Comprised Freedom: The Study on Journalism Management System of Nanjing Temporary Government of Republic of China”, Modern Communication
  • (Academic Journal of Communication University of China), 05: 61-68, CSSCI.
  • Shanbing Gao (2015), “The Study of City Image Communication under the Background of TV and New Media Integration”, Culture Industry Studies, 10: 65-76, CSSCI.
  • Shanbing Gao (2014), “Comparison and Path Analysis of the TV-Internet Integrated Model”, Media, 07: 47-50, CSSCI Expanded.
  • Shanbing Gao (2013), “The Innovation and Development Study of Netflix in the World of Big Data”, Press Circles, 04: 66-69,80, CSSCI Expanded.
  • Shanbing Gao (2013), “Conscious Integration: The Study on Survival Context of Editors in the Era of New Media”,Editorial Friend, 04:81-83, CSSCI. 
  • Shanbing Gao (2012), “The Study on Teaching of Journalism and Communication in Higher Institutions under the Background of Media Integration”, Academic Journal of Broadcasting and TV University (Philosophy and Social Science), 02:86-89.
  • Shanbing Gao (2011), “Analysis on CNN New Media Brand Building”,TV Research, 09:22-24, CSSCI Expanded. 
  • Shanbing Gao (2011), “Integration Strategy of Chinese TV Industry under 3G Technology ”, News Front, 02:73-75. 
  • Shanbing Gao (2010), “The Strategy of TV-Internet Integration: Network Practice of Channel 4 in U.K”,China Television, 12:82-85, CSSCI. 
  • Shanbing Gao (2010), “Competitive Strategy of Hulu in U.S. and Inspiration”,TV Research, 07:75-77, CSSCI Expanded. ‘
  • Shanbing Gao (2008), “The Strategy of Brand Building of Channel 4 in U.K”,Chinese Journalist, 08:75-76, CSSCI Expanded. 
  • Shanbing Gao (2008), “Multimedia Integration in the View of Phoenix New Media Limited”China Television,04:58-60, CSSCI.
  • Shanbing Gao (2008), “Investigation and Analysis of Media Literacy of College Student in Jiangsu”,Youth Journalist, 01:53-54. 
  • Shanbing Gao (2007), “How TV Advertisement should deal with Digital-The Terminator”, Modern Advertising,11. 


  • Shanbing Gao. Network Animation Editing. Communication University of China Press, 2010.
  • Shanbing Gao. Webpage Design and Development. Nanjing University Press, 2007.

Honors and Awards

  • Webpage Design Basis, Nanjing Normal University Multimedia Teaching Competition, 2nd Prize, 2011.
  • Competition Enhancement of City TV Station in New Media Integration, Essay Competition of China TV and Broadcasting Association, Honorable Mention, 2012.
  • The Study of City Image Communication under the Background of TV and New Media Integration, The 3rd Thesis Competition of Jiangsu Culture Industry Association, 2nd Prize, 2015.

Academic Title

  • Director, Editorial Department, Jiangsu Public Affairs and Opinion;
  • Associate Professor (Part-time), School of Network Education, Nanjing University;
  • Member, Expert Teaching Team for Technology Innovation,Nanjing General Union;
  • Member of Expert Team, Jiangsu Think Tank, Xinhua News Agency;
  • Counselor, New Media Cultural Product Development and Research Center of the Communist Youth League of Jiangsu Province.