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Shaoqun Mo Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Communication and society
  • Consumer Society Theory Research

Research situation:

  • Presided over the National Social Science Fund Project: Theoretical and Practical Research on the Construction of "Consumer Society" (11BSH004)
  • Presided over the completion of the National Social Science Fund Project: "Research on Western'Consumer Society' Theory and Chinese Contextualization in the 20th Century" (05BSH001)

Representative results:

  • "Theoretical Research on Western Consumer Society in the 20th Century" (selected as "Key Academic Works of Philosophy and Social Sciences of Jiangsu Province") (2005)
  • "Twice Glory: Fermi School" (2002)
  • "Towards Harmony: Reflection and Reconstruction of Contemporary Chinese Lifestyle" (Editor in Chief) (2004)
  • "Consumerism in Contemporary China: Consumer Revolution or Excessive Consumption? "(Thesis), "Xinhua Digest" 201222 full reprint
  • "Consumer Society: Historical Logic and Realistic Value" (paper), "Nanjing Social Sciences" 201212
  • "Structure, Resources and Institutions: An Analysis of the Restrictive Conditions of China's Entry into a Consumer Society" (Paper), "Journal of Huaiyin Teachers College (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition)" 201403