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Xi Zhuang Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Communication Theory
  • Media and Social Development

Educational Background

PhD,Communication, Wuhan University (2007-2010)

MA, Communication, Nanjing Normal University (2002-2005)

BA, Radio & Television Journalism, Nanjing Normal University, (1998-2002)

Research Projects

  • Presiding over “Study on Migrant Children's Media Use and their Social Integration”  (Project number: 10CXW027, subsidized by Chinese National Social Science Youth Fund)2010-2015
  • Presiding over ”Study on College’s Management Mechanism of Information Communication in Public Crisis”(Project number: 08SJD8600003, subsidized by The Project of Philosophy and Social Science Research in Colleges and Universities in Jiangsu Province) 2008-2011
  • Presiding over “Study on Migrant Children’s Communication Activity under the Binary Social Structure between Urban and Rural Areas”(subsidized by Youth Cultivation Fund for Humanities and Social Scienceof Nanjing Normal University)2008-2010
  • Presiding over “Study on the Curriculum System of International Communicationin the Background of Media Convergence”(Higher Education Reform Project of Nanjing Normal University)2014-2016
  • Presiding over “Research and Practice on Bilingual Education of journalism and Communication under Multiplex Media Interaction”(Higher Education Reform Project of Nanjing Normal University)2015-2017

Journal Articles

  • “Study on Typical Reporting under New Media Circumstance”,Shanghai Journalism Review, 2004.6
  • “Study on Typical Reporting’s Atypical Trend”, News Research, 2004.9
  • “Analysis on Significance of Cultural Transmission across Urban and Rural Areas” , Media Observer, 2006.3
  • “Research Approach and Function of theIndex System of Media’s effect on Three Rural Issues”,Journal of Nanjing Normal UniversitySocial Science Edition,2007.2
  • “Recognition Barrier in Global Communication Field”,Journalism and Communication, 2008.3
  • “An exploration to the Development of China’s Investigative Reporting after Reform and Opening”, News Research, 2008.9
  • “Historical logic and Realistic Expression of Press Freedom in the Western Countries”, Contemporary Communication, 2009.2
  • “Study on Communication Mode and Development Bottleneck of Chinese Government’s Network towards Rural Area”,Press Circle,2010.1
  • “Market Conspiracy in Rating Circulation”, Editors Monthly, 2010.3
  • “Study on College’s Management Mechanism of Information Communication in Public Crisis”, Media Observer,2012.8
  • “Analysis on Migrant Children’s Media Exposure Traits and its Influence Factors”,Journal of Nantong University(Social Sciences Edition),2012.10
  • “Media Reflection in the Context of Commercialization”, China Book Review,2013.8
  • “Study on the Problem and Route of Migrant Children’s Urban Social Integration”, Jiangsu Social Sciences,2013.10
  • “Research on the Narration of U.S. TV dramafrom the perspective of Postcolonial Feminist Criticism”,Hundred Schools in Arts,2013.11
  • “The Structure of Cyber-action’s Public Opinion Mobilization in the Transforming Society”,Journal of PLA Nanjing Institute of Politics,2013.12
  • “Analysis on Female Journalists’ Expression of Subjectivity towards Professional Woman during the Period ofthe Republic of China”,Journalistic History Research on the Period of the Republic of China,Nanjing Normal University Press,2014.5
  • “Study on the Impact of the Internet on the Social Network of the Chinese Migrant Children”The International Society for Information Studies Summit Vienna, 2015.6


“Primary Exploration to Research Methodsof Rural Communication” (the third author),People’s Publishing House, 2008

Honors and Awards

  • “An exploration to the Development of China’s Investigative Reporting after Reform and Opening”has won Essay Award of “30 Years of Reform and Opening and Journalism Development”, 2010
  • “Innovation of Teaching Model in the curricula of Research Methods of Communication” —— the research achievement of our teaching group won the second prize of Nanjing Normal University Graduate Teaching Achievement, 2010
  • “Primary Exploration to Research Methodsof Rural Communication” (the third author) won the second prize of Outstanding Achievements Award of 11th Philosophy and Social Sciences of Jiangsu Province,In 2011
  • The Cadre Teacher Award of “Qinglan Project”, Nanjing Normal University, 2012 Ten Best Teachers Award, Nanjing Normal University ,2015.


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