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Xiangshun Yu Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Journalism
  • Chinese literature

Educational Background

PHD, Literature Institute, Nanjing Normal University. (2002)

MA, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Nanjing Normal University (1996)

BA, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Nanjing Normal University, (1993)

Research Projects

  • Study on the Standardization of News Media in the National Philosophy and Social  
  • Science Foundation;Study on the Problem of News Vulgarization in the Philosophy and Social Science 
  • Foundation of Jiangsu Province

Journal Articles

  • The Study of Basjoo in A Dream of Red Mansions .A Dream of Red   Mansions (2016,1)
  • Positive and Negative Effect of Sports News Language. Sports and science (2013,1)
  • Bai Juyi's Contribution and Significance on the Aesthetic of Flowers and Trees.  Jiangsu Social Sciences(2011,1)
  • Folk Festivals in the Vision of Media Field—— The Discourse Replacement of Connotation of Chinese Valentine's. News Knowledge(2011,1)
  • Analysis on the Aesthetic Culture of Chinese Gardenia. Journal of Beijing Forestry University[Social Science Edition](2010,1)
  • The Image of Plane Trees in Chinese Literature. Journal of Literature Institute of Nanjing Normal University. (2005,4)
  • The Influence of Radio and Television Language on Social Language. China Television(2005,11)
  • Trilogy of Vernacular Movement: An Examination on the Basis of Newspaper. Journal of Radio and Television University (Philosophy and Social Science  Edition
  • On the Characteristics of Short Message Language and Rhetoric. News Knowledge(2005,6)


  • Media·Language·Society  Xinhua Publishing House(2005)
  • Research on the Aesthetic Culture of Chinese Lotus  Bashu Publishing House(2005)
  • Study on the Aesthetic Culture of Chinese Plane Trees  Mulan Culture Press(2014)

Honors and Awards

  • Teaching and Education Award of Nanjing Normal University
  • Young Teachers Award of The Henry Fok Foundation for Education