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Xiaolan Wu Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Natural language processing
  • Social Computing and Computing Spread

Research situation:

  • Presided over the completion of the National Social Science Foundation Youth Project "Interdisciplinary User Discovery and Recommendation Research from the Perspective of Social Media (17CTQ047)"
  • Presided over the completion of the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Fund Planning Project "Research on Recognition and Tracking of Interdisciplinary Subjects from the Perspective of Social Media (16YJCZH116)"
  • Presided over the completion of a key humanities and social science project in Anhui colleges and universities, and participated in a number of national social science projects.

Representative results:

  • Research on community discovery method based on optimized tag propagation algorithm. Journal of Information. 2014
  • Research on Weibo User Tag Recommendation Combining User Relationship Network and Tag Co-occurrence Network. Journal of Information, 2015
  • Research on the discovery of multi-label propagation overlapping communities based on contribution degree. Journal of Information. 2015.
  • Research on high-impact interdisciplinary user discovery based on social media. Journal of Information, 2017
  • Finding high-impact interdisciplinary users based on friend discipline distribution in academic social networking sites(SCI/SSCI ). Scientometrics, 2019,.
  • Interdisciplinary research in the field of library and information from the perspective of social media. Library and Information Work, 2019.
  • Research on cross-disciplinary user recommendation model on academic social media integrating content and relationships. Library and Information Work, 2020.