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Ying Hu Lecturer

Research Interests: 
  • Communication
  • Press Jurisprudence

Educational Background

PhD, Journalism, Nanjing Normal University (2016)

MA, Communication, Nanjing Normal University (2008)

BA, Radio and Television Journalism, Nanjing Normal University (2003)

Research Projects

Presided over:

  • 1)The Research of the Expression on the Internet in China, The guiding project of the social science research foundation of Jiangsu Province(2014SJD129), from 2014-6 to 2016-12.
  • 2)Governance of social rumors in China, Youth fund project of Nanjing Normal University (13QNPY08), from 2013-9 to 2015-9.

Take Part in:

  • 1)The Research of Privacy Issues in the Era of Big Data, Liping Gu, The key program of national social science foundation of China(15AXW009), from 2015-6 to 2018-12.
  • 2)Research on the Spread of Opera through the New Media, Quan Liu, The subproject of the significant program of national social science foundation of China( Research on the Contemporary Development Path of Traditional Chinese Opera<14ZD01>), from 2014-6 to 2016-12.

  Journal Articles

  • 1)The Law Regulation and Protection of the Freedom of Expression on the Internet in our Country, International Press, 2012-9.
  • 2)Current Situation, Dilemma and Outlet: A Study on the Legislation of the Internet Discourse Regulation in China , International Press, 2015-3.
  • 3)The Research on the Legislative Protection of the Privacy Right on the Net, News University, 2016-3.
  • 4)The Game between Technology and Law: A Study of the Governance of Cyberspace, Journal of Fujian Normal University (SOCIAL SCIENCE EDITION), 2013-3
  • 5)Discourse and Power: A Study of the Discourse Practice on the Internet in China, The Press, 2014-19.
  • 6)Study of Three Phenomenon and Countermeasures of Contemporary False News, News Lover, 2010-22.
  • 7)Talking about the Core Competence of the Media from the Phoenix Satellite TV, News Knowledge, 2006-11.
  • 8)Talking about the Media's Role in Building a Harmonious Society by Nail-house Holders incident, News knowledge, 2007-7.
  • 9)Path and Reflection on the Governance of Internet Rumors in China, Learning Theory, 2014-9.
  • 10)Authenticity of the Rumor: Based on the Analysis of the Ancient Rumors in China, Learning Theory, 2014-5.
  • 11)Audience Participation in News Programs, Audio Visual Field, 2008-6.
  • 12)Analysis of the Dependence of Traditional Media and New Media, Journalism& Communication, 2007-5.


The Methods of Communication, Communication University of China Press, 2010-5.

Academic Title

  • 1) the member of Media law and ethics, the branch of Committee of China Journalism History
  • 2) the member of Jiangsu Reading Association