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Institute of Rule-of-law Development of Jiangsu

Institute of Rule-of-law Development of Jiangsu was founded in November, 2007. As an affiliate of Law School of Nanjing Normal University, it is the first institute in China whose main area of research relates to the local rule-of-law development. In October, 2008, the institute was approved by Jiangsu Philosophy and Social Science Leading Group as a philosophy and social science research base of Jiangsu province.

Professor Gong, Pixiang, the president of Institute for Chinese Legal Modernization Studies, the director of Legal System Modernization Research Center of Nanjing Normal University, serves as the chief expert of Institute of Rule-of-law Development of Jiangsu. Gong,Tingtai, professor of Nanjing Normal University Law School, serves as the dean of Institute of Rule-of-law Development of Jiangsu.

There are five research centers in Institute of Rule-of-law Development of Jiangsu: Legal System Modernization Research Center, Local Legislation Research Center, Modern Justice Research Center, Administrative Rule of Law Research Center, and Legal System of Foreign-relater Economy Research Center. Through organizing and leading scientific researches around the areas of legal system modernization, local legislation, modern judiciary system, administrative rule of law, and legal system of foreign-related economy, the institute is endeavoring to build a research center on the rule-of-law development of Jiangsu with the basic functions of scientific research, consultant service, personnel training, academic communication, and information database. More than 50 full-time and part-time researchers work in the institute.

In order to connect theoretical researches with practices, the Institute of Rule-of-law Development of Jiangsu set up the committee of experts composed of experts and scholars from the following legal practice departments and law schools: Leading Group Office of Ruling the Province by Law, the Legislative affairs Commission of the Standing Committee of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Congress, Committee for Social and Legal Affairs and Committee for Ethnic and Religious Affairs of Jiangsu Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference, Jiangsu Higher People’s Court, Jiangsu People’s Procuratorate, Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department, Jiangsu Provincial Justice Department, Office of Legislative Affairs of Jiangsu Provincial Government, Jiangsu Provincial Society of Law, Law School of Nanjing University, Southeast University School of Law, Kenneth Wang School of Law of Soochow University, Law School of Yangzhou University, Nanjing Normal University School of Law.

Besides conducting the projects of philosophy and social science research base of Jiangsu province, the institute successfully implemented investigation projects from Politics and Law Committee of Provincial Party Committee, Propaganda Department of Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Justice Department, Provincial Press and Publication Bureau, and the Standing Committee of Nanjing Municipal People’s Congress.  and presented high-quality investigation reports to the entrusting departments. Some reports were highly evaluated by the principal leaders of Supreme People’s Court and Jiangsu province. Most advisory opinions and suggestions were adopted by leading body of higher authorities and legal practice departments, which have already brought positive legal effects and social effects.

To strengthen academic communication and promote Jiangsu rule of law development, the institute jointly organizes High-level Forum of Rule-of-law Building in Jiangsu with Leading Group Office of Ruling the Province by Law, Jiangsu Provincial Society of Law and other institutes, which has become a yearly gathering for communicating law research achievements, summing up experience during the rule-of-law development, solving difficulties in China’s rule of law development and discussing the plan for regional rule of law building. Up to now, the forum has been successfully held for eight times since 2007.

The Institute of Rule-of-law Development of Jiangsu and Nanjing Normal University School of Law has co-edited and published the Report on the Development of Rule of Law of Jiangsu Province (Blue Book, one volume per-year). These books present rule of law developing conditions of Jiangsu Province on legislation, administrative law enforcement and jurisdiction, and exert a national-wide influence. Moreover, it has become important reference datas for Jiangsu political-legal departments. For some organizations, these books are regarded as important assessment criteria.

In June, 2013, based on the Jiangsu Rule-of-Law Development Research Institute, and according to the requirements of the national Institutions of higher learning innovation ability enhancement (Plan in 2011), Nanjing Normal University, together with Soochow University, Southeast University, Yangzhou University, and Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Social Sciences co-constructed a “regional collaborative innovation center of the development of rule of law”. The institute, as a provincial scientific research base, will further play the supporting role in the construction of “Collaborative Innovation Center of the Regional Rule-of-law Development among Universities of Jiangsu Province”, and makes greater contributions to Jiangsu rule-of–law development and even the China’s rule of law building.