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Jiangsu Collaborative Innovation Center for Development of Regional Rule of Law

In June, 2013, Jiangsu Collaborative Innovation Center for Development of Regional Rule of Law in P.R.China was co-constructed by Nanjing Normal University, Southeast University, Soochow University, Yangzhou University and Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Social Sciences. On March 13th 2014, the Center was approved by People’s Government of Jiangsu Province as one of the provincial collaborative innovation centers in Jiangsu province.

To promote the regional rule-of-law development, besides these co-constructed departments, Jiangsu Collaborative Innovation Center for Development of Regional Rule of Law has established cooperative relationships with the following departments: Leading Group Office of Ruling the Province by Law, the Legislative affairs commission of the Standing Committee of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Congress, Office of Legislative Affairs of Jiangsu Provincial Government, Jiangsu Higher People’s Court, Jiangsu People’s Procuratorate, Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department, Jiangsu Provincial Justice Department, Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Provincial Administration of Industry and Commerce, Jiangning District People’s Government of Nanjing, People’s Government of Kunshan City, People’s Government of Shuyang County, and People’s Government of Gaoyou County.

The organization structure of the center consists of Policy-making Body of Important Events, Administration and Implementation Institution, Academic Evaluation and Decision-making Institution, Academic Advisory Institution, and Research platforms.

Policy-making Body of Important Events is the Council. The president of the Council is Professor Xia,Jinwen.

Academic Evaluation and Decision-making Institution is Academic Committee. The chairman of Committee is Professor Zhou,Youyong.

Committee of Experts, composed of 30 famous legist, is the institution of Academic Advisory. The chairman of Committee is Professor Zhang,Wenxian.

Professor Gong,Pixiang, as the director of the Center, is in charge of overall work. Professor Li,Hao and Professor Hu,Yuhong, as vice directors of the Center, offer assistance to the Director of the Center.

Management Office of the Center is in charge of routine work. The director of the Office is Professor Li, Li.

Jiangsu Collaborative Innovation Center for Regional Rule of Law Development has six research platforms:

    Basic Theory of Regional Rule-of-law Development Research Platform, Director: Professor Gong,Pixiang; Vice Director: Professor Gong, Tingtai.

    Regional Legislation Development Research Platform, Director: Professor Liu,Wanghong;  Vice Director: Professor Sun, Li.

    Administrative Rule-of-law Development Research Platform, Director: Professor Zhou,Youyong; Vice Director: Professor Huang, Xuexian.

    Regional Justice Development Platform, Director: Professor Li Hao; Vice Director: Professor Hu ,Yaqiu.

    Regional Economy and Society Rule-of-law Development Platform, Director: Professor Hu ,Yuhong; Vice Director: Professor Fang, Xinjun.

    Regional Rule-of-law Culture Research Platform, Director: Professor Qian, Yulin; Vice Director: Professor Zhang, Qing.

Persistence in the guidance of Chinese socialist rule-of-law theory, at the request of Ministry of Education and Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, with the goal of establishing Collaborative Innovation mechanism, adhering to the four-in-one construction thoughts about disciplinary development, scientific research innovation, personnel training, and think tank construction, Regional Collaborative Innovation Center of the Development of Rule of Law among Universities in Jiangsu Province will make great efforts to establish the high tone regional rule-of-law development research institution, contributing intelligence and efforts to the process of China rule-of-law development and Jiangsu rule-of–law development.