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Our School Has been Approved Three Projects Sponsored by National Social Science Fund of China

National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science  publicized the 2017 appraisal results of National Social Science Fund of China , three subjects in our school have been approved and set up, including two general projects and one youth project, every project fund is 200,000¥.

  • Zhuang Xi: Research on City New Immigrants' Social Support on the Internet under the Background of New Urbanization (genernal project)
  • Cao Gang:  Study on the Social Media Application Dilemma and Countermeasures of Poor Farmers’in Western China under the Background of " Internet Plus" (genernal project)
  • Gao Hao: Study on Disaster Information Communciation and Media's Social Responsibility in the New Media Environment (youth project)

In recent years, our school has been working on scientific research with great concentration, and continuing to promote in the area of rural communication and new media communication studies, etc.  By the first half of this year, the approved vertical research funds of our school have already been more than one million. Since the 13th Five-Year Plan, our school has obtained five projects sponsored by National Social Science Fund of China.