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Journalism History of the Republic of China Institute

Introduction to Nanjing Normal University Journalism History of the Republic of China Institute

Nanjing Normal University Journalism History of the Republic of China Institute is the first academic institution of basic theory study which takes “journalism history during the Republic of China ” as its research content,subject and aim; it puts the professional team from the school of journalism & communication in our university as the main body,then recruits professionals from prestigious domestic universities,issuing organizations and news media as special researchers,and together they constitute a trans-school,cross-system and collaborative innovation research institution that takes cultural inheritance and innovation as its’task.

On April 18,2014, the school officially approved the establishment of Nanjing Normal University Journalism History of the Republic of China Institute, and it was officially inaugurated on May 9 of that year. The current director is professor Ni Yannian, doctoral supervisor of Nanjing Normal University and leading expert of the National Social Science Fund Major Project “Journalism history during the Republic of China ”.Professors Zhang Xiaofeng and Fang Xiaohong,associate professor Liu Jizhong,associate fellow Wang Jixian,Dr.Zhuang Xi and Dr.Bian Donglei form the academic backbones of this institute.

Nanjing Normal University Journalism History of the Republic of China Institute with intramural professionals team of journalism history as its backbone, engaged more than ten specialists and scholars from outside the school as the first group of contract research fellows,and formed a powerful researching staff and part-time research team by conbining all the advantages from each specialty. In the first group of special researchers,there are professor Wang Runze,doctoral supervisor of Journalism School,Renmin University of China; professor Zhao Xiaofeng,doctoral supervisor of School of Journalism & Communication,Nanjing Normal University; He Cun, professor of School of Journalism & Communication,Bohai University;Ai Honghong,professor of Journalism School,Communication University of China; researcher Wan Jinghua,Institute of Journalism & Communication of Xinhua News Agency; professor Li Jianxin,doctoral supervisor of School of Film and Television,Shanghai University;Bai Runsheng,professor in School of Literature & Journalism, Minzu University of China;professor Fang Xiaohong,doctoral supervisor of School of Journalism & Communication,Nanjing Normal University;professor Xu Xinping,doctoral supervisor of School of Journalism & Communication,Hunan Normal University;professor Liuya,doctoral supervisor of military journalism department, Nanjing Political Institute of PLA; professor Han Congyao,doctoral supervisor of Nanjing University history epartment; Deng Shaogen,associate professor in the School of Journalism & Communication,Jinan University;associate professor Zhang Liqin,director in the Business News Center of Zhejiang Finance and Economics University,etc.

The institute focuses on three key research directions:research in republican-period news personalities and events,study of news media in the republican period;study on history of news special topics in the Republic of China(including history of news management system,history of journalism education,journalism history of minorities,image journalism history,history of journalism,history of journalism ethics, and history of news administration and management,etc.) 

After setting up, the institute conducted a series of research work and academic activities that have made an academic inpact academically.In December 2012, it successfully declared the major project “ Studies on Journalism History during the Period of the Republic of China” of Jiangsu Province Philosophy and Social Science Fund of 2012 (serial number:12TQ001 );In June 2013, the institute succeeded in applying for the major project“Studies on Journalism History of the Republic of China”from National Social Science Fund of 2013(serial number:13AXW003); In November 2013,the research team with the institute director , professor Ni Yannian as its’ leading expert participated in the bidding of a major project from National Social Science Fund (the second batch)“Study on Journalism History of the Republic of China”and had a successful declaration,became the first undertaker of nationally significant projects  in the academic circles of journalism  history.From May 8 to May 10 of 2014,the First High Level Academic Forum “Return to History  Explore the Rules: Multi-perspective Research in Journalism History during the Republican Period ”,which was sponsored by the Chinese Association For History of Journalism and Mass Communication and hosted by Nanjing Normal University was specifically handled by School of Journalism & Communication and Journalism History of the Republic of China Institute, Nanjing Normal University.More than fifty experts researching in journalism history of the Republic of China from all around the country presented at this conference, also researchers from Singapore,Australia and Taiwan attended the meeting.Among the sixty-two papers applying for the forum, forty-six papers had been selected as “excellent paper”.Just before the conference,Nanjing Normal University Press officially published “Study on Journalism History of the Republic of China”(2014) which is the first edited and published proceedings of an academic conference with “Study on Journalism History of the Republic of China”as the subject in domestic academia.  

At present,the projects that the institute was assumed are: one major project,one key project and one general project from the  National Social Science Fund,three Ministry of Education Projects from the Humanities and Social Sciences, one major project and one general project of Jiangsu Province Social Science Fund.Nanjing Normal University Journalism History of the Republic of China Institute has integrated subject, scholar and other resources from inside and outside the school by the mechanism of “school-and-school cooperation,projects traction,entity construction,open operation”.Relying on the major national project“Journalism History of the Republic of China”,using the “High Level Forum of Journalism History in the Republican Period” organized by the institute as an academic exchange platform and with the annually published collected papers ,“Research in Journalism History of the Republic of China” as the carrier of main achievements,and taking enhancing subject brand as its’goal,the institute is making every effort to build a national literature research center, a research information release and communication center and a cultivation base of professionals.


Institute Address: Nanjing Normal University, School of Journalism & Communication Building, Room 603.(zip code: 210097)

Office phone: (025)83598525;83598141;