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Scottish Studies Center

The uniqueness of Scotland has long been highlighted by its landscape, culture, religion and history. A land with melodious bagpipes, thistle flowers and tartan kilt, it has given birth to such famous writers as Walter Scott, Robert Burns, Hugh MacDiarmid and Muriel Spark, as well as numerous well-known great thinkers, including Francis Hutcheson, David Hume, and Adam Smith. Renowned as the fountainhead of Enlightenment and the birthplace of modern civilization, Scotland is a land that inspires new ideas, always promising and productive.  

Aware of its contribution and significance to human knowledge and progress, more and more scholars have started their exploration of Scotland in modern contexts. Issues like how to analyze its history and civilization, how to interpret its unique cultural condition and literary achievement, or how to probe into its role in modern society, culture and literature are calling for integrated efforts to make specialized studies. 

Scottish Studies Center, a pioneering research center in China focusing its studies on Scotland, is affiliated to School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, Nanjing Normal University. It aims to make specific and interdisciplinary studies in such fields as Scottish literature, culture, history, politics, economics as well as Scottish relations with the outside world. 

So far, the center is staffed with researchers and consultants from universities and research institutions both at home and abroad. The head of the center is also the leader of two projects on Scottish literature financed by National Social Science Fund of China. Moreover, some of the postgraduate students trained in the center have successfully finished their theses about Scotland.  

Scottish Studies Center has close academic relationship with institutions of higher learning in Scotland. In 2020, the center plans to host an international conference on Scottish literature jointly with the University of Glasgow. Scholars interested in Scottish studies and Area Studies are welcome to join us!