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Academic Events

A series of lectures on "Law Journal and Law Research" was successfully held



On the evening of June 30, 2020, a series of lectures on "Law Journals and Law Research" was successfully held. This lecture invited Zhao Licheng, the deputy editor of Heilongjiang University Law School and the editorial department of "Northern Legal Science", which will be conducted in the form of an online conference. 


At the beginning of the lecture, deputy editor-in-chief Zhao Licheng introduced the theory, review procedures, and rules for manuscripts of Northern Legal Science. 

He pointed out that using academic feedback as the guide for academic journals is a current trend. To a certain extent, it reflects the quality of journal articles. Students should pay more attention to high-level journal articles when choosing journals. 

Regarding the selection of academic papers, writing skills, and norms, he believes that the article should pay more attention to the topic selection attention, global perspective, theoretical basis and logical depth. 

It is recommended that graduate students should practice writing instead of writing and put article writing first.


The lecture was presided over by Professor Ji Jinhua, and nearly 50 postgraduates and postgraduates attended the lecture.