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Academic Events

An online lecture held successfully by Teacher Li Kai, who teaches in the department of forensic medicine at Nanjing Medical University

On the morning of June 14,2020, a wonderful lecture was held online by Teacher Li Kai. He teaches at School of Basic Medicine at Nanjing Medical University and is an authentication expert with Judicial Forensic Institute of Nanjing Medical University. The lecture covers two topics. One is bringing the truth to light by beginning with Interpreting information from bones and insects. The other is mental problems which need medicolegal expertise. The Graduate students who major in judicial authentication from the law school also attended this lecture.



In the first place, Li explained the importance of interpreting information from bones to investigate and uncover a crime for us. Forensic experts that can interpret messages from carcases are people who can make the dead talk. Authentication of bones has great influence on verifying the identity of the deceased and it has been applied in the process of evidence acquisition and actual appraisal in many cases. After that, Li introduced another topic on how insects can help in this respect. He expounded the theory of Forensic entomology and gave us some interesting examples, so we could understand the influence and position of insects in forensic medicine. Also, experts can make analyzation and judgments about the time, the place, the reason or other matters of death in order to do a favor for criminal detection or court trial.

Finally, by relating an accident case involving a BMW in Nanjing, Li approached a subject of mental problems which need medicolegal expertise. Forensic psychiatric examination is one of the key elements of forensic psychiatry, it mainly contains the judgments on the mental disability, mental injury and causal relationships. As for the question whether drunk crimebelongs to mental disease, Li went to great length to elaborate on it by means of categorization.



During the enlightening two-hour-plus speech, Teacher Li gave us not only rich theoretical knowledge, but also typical cases. All the attendants enjoyed the live-streamed lecture in a highly active atmosphere.