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Academic Events

Assistant Researcher Haimei Yu published an article in Russian Law Journal

Invited by Prof. Valeev, associate dean of Law Faculty of Kazan Federal University, Russian Federation, Assistant Researcher and Ph.D. Candidate of Law School Haimei Yu cooperated with him and Nina Krsljanin, Associate Professor of Faculty of Law of University of Belgrade published a conference review Kazan Arbitration Day: the Rule-of-law Development and Regional Governance in the second issue of 2017 of Russian Law Journal, which is cited by Scopus and ESCI Web of Science. This summary is concerned on the third annual symposium of the journal "Heral of Civil Procedure", which is hosted by on September 30, 2016 in Law Faculty of Kazan Federal University. Haimei Yu introduced the main viewpoint in the article "Improvement of the Relations between Arbitration and Litigation in China" written by Kexi Liu, Director of the Institute of Legislative Development in the Institute for Chines