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Academic Events

Chinese Legal System Modernization Institute held its second meeting of the Council

   May 7, 2016, Chinese Academy of Law modernization second meeting of the Council in Nanjing Normal University. Present at the meeting: the modernization of China Law Institute chairman, Jiangsu Province, Comrade Lin Xiangguo Law Association, vice chairman of China's modernization Academy of Law, Dean Professor Gong Pixiang, Chinese Academy of governing law modernization, Jiangsu Province Politics and Law Committee deputy secretary of Jiangsu provincial leading group office of administering the province, deputy Comrade Ren Shipeng, China modernization Law Institute director, chairman of the NPC Law Committee, Comrade Zhang Xinmin, Jiangsu Province, China Institute of regional development Law Institute director Comrade Zhu Huaren modernization law, Chinese law modernization Institute director of Jiangsu provincial Department of Justice Minister Comrade Liu Yuxiang, China modernization Law Institute director, deputy secretary of the Party Group of Jiangsu province Higher people's Court, executive vice president Zhou Jilai comrade, Chinese Academy of modern law governing Jiangsu provincial people's Government Affairs office Comrade director in love Rong, director of Institute of modern Chinese law, the NPC Law Committee, vice chairman of Jiangsu Province, deputy director of Comrade Wang Lasheng Jiangsu Province People's Congress Law Committee, Chinese Academy of modern law governing Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau deputy director Wu Yue Zhang comrades, Chinese Academy of governing law modernization, Jiangsu Law full-time vice president of the Party for the South comrades, Chinese Academy of Legal modernization Institute for Legislative development director Comrade Liu Kexi, China Academy of Law judicial reform and modernization modernization Institute director Tian Xing comrades, comrades, vice president of Chinese modernization Law, Institute for Social Research Prof. Gong Tingtai rule of law, rule of law in modern China Institute director, president of the lawyers Association of Jiangsu Province, Xue Jimin, Comrade Jiang Su Fangde main law firm Rending Shao Hua, Chinese modernization Law professor and vice president, vice president Cai Tong Road Research Institute, Research Institute of Chinese modernization Law Professor Sui Hongming, modern Chinese law Chengde Wen Institute office director, deputy director of the party music, as well as other members of the office. The meeting was chaired by the director Lin Xiangguo.