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Academic Events

Lecture 47 of SuiYuan Intellectual Property Forum ——"Current New Trend of Intellectual Property Protection in our country"


On the evening of November 13, The 47th lecture of the SuiYuan Intellectual Property Forum, "Current New Trends in Intellectual Property Protection in our country" was successfully held in Conference Room 338, Xingmin Building, Xianlin Campus, Nanjing Normal University. The forum was hosted by the Law School of Nanjing Normal University and the JiangSu Institute of Intellectual Property Protection and Development.

The conference was hosted by Cai Daotong, Dean of Nanjing Normal University Law School. Professor Kong Xiangjun, Dean of Kaiyuan School of Law and supervisor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, gave a detailed introduction to the past and present of intellectual property development from both domestic and international perspectives. And made a systematic discussion on the legislative evolution of intellectual property law and the hot frontier issues in practice, mainly including the relationship between intellectual property law and anti-unfair competition law,Combined with the promulgation of the "Civil Code", it predicted the legislative trend of my country's future trade secret law. Secondly, from the perspective of the relationship between intellectual property law and anti-monopoly law, the TRIPS agreement under the WTO in the new stage of globalization, and the copyright treaty in the Internet age, the international community’s prospects for intellectual property protection are discussed.

Professor Kong Xiangjun shared his views on the origin and current trends of my country's intellectual property protection based on the reform and opening up and the globalization process since the Sino-US trade war. Advocating that the market value of compensation for infringement of intellectual property rights should be guided by the application of punitive damages for malicious infringements and repeated infringements in accordance with the law, strengthen the application of temporary measures such as property preservation, behavior preservation, and evidence preservation, and improve the timeliness and convenience of judicial remedies, Effectiveness. The introduction of the principle of technological neutrality through the SONY case confirms that technology and industry are the decisive force of the intellectual property system, and that intellectual property law is used to protect the development of economy and technology.

Finally, Professor Ma Xiaoyan made a brief summary of the lecture and expressed his heartfelt thanks to Professor Kong Xiangjun for coming. So far, the topic lecture "Current New Trends of Intellectual Property Protection in ourcountry" was a complete success!