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Academic Events

Lecture 48 of Suiyuan Intellectual Property Forum ——"Intellectual Property in the Civil Code Shines with Stars" was successfully held at Nanjing Normal University

On November 15, 2020, the 48th lecture of Suiyuan Intellectual Property Forum, "Intellectual Property Stars in the Civil Code" was successfully held in Conference Room 410, Xingmin Building, Xianlin Campus, Nanjing Normal University. This lecture was hosted by Nanjing Normal University Law School and Jiangsu Intellectual Property Protection and Development Research Institute.

This lecture was hosted by Professor Ma Xiaoyan of Nanjing Normal University. Professor Tao Xinliang, a member of the National Intellectual Property Expert Advisory Committee, vice chairman of the China Intellectual Property Research Association, and vice chairman of the China Intellectual Property Law Research Association, firstly started from the two perspectives of historical trajectory and the course of the times, and detailed the ins and outs of the compilation of our civil code The introduction and sorting out, and summarized the basic structure and main features of our civil code. Secondly, several highlights of the legal provisions related to intellectual property in the Civil Code are put forward, namely: the outline defines the object of intellectual property and its civil rights, lists trade secrets as the object of intellectual property, stipulates punitive damages for malicious infringement of intellectual property rights, Strengthen and broaden the regulation of technology-related intellectual property contracts. It also elaborated on the amendments to the technical contract laws in the Civil Code, the main classification and scope of application of typical contracts in the Civil Code.

Finally, it discusses issues such as the failure of intellectual property rights in the Civil Code and the choice of several modes of combining intellectual property with the Civil Code, and sorts out the "single compilation of intellectual property": integrated into the Civil Code, independent compilation, and intellectual property "parallel" Cheng Dian: Another independent code of intellectual property rights and an "integrated chain code of intellectual property rights": On the basis of the optimal combination of individual laws linked by the Civil Code, it looks forward to "appropriate generalization of intellectual property in the Civil Code, and then It is supplemented by an integrated link mode that is specifically regulated by individual laws and regulations on intellectual property rights.

During the questioning session, Professor Tao Xinliang gave a detailed answer to the students’ questions. Professor Ma Xiaoyan made a brief summary of the lecture and expressed sincere gratitude to Professor Tao Xinliang for coming. So far, the theme lecture of "Intellectual Property Stars in the Civil Code" A complete success!