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Academic Events

Lecture 48 of Suiyuan Intellectual Property Forum —"Intellectual Property Litigation Thinking and Its Commercial Logic" was successfully held at Nanjing Normal University


On November 14, the 48th lecture "Intellectual Property Litigation Thinking and Its Commercial Logic" of the Suiyuan Intellectual Property Forum was successfully held in Conference Room 338, Xingmin Building, Xianlin Campus, Nanjing Normal University. The forum was hosted by the Law School of Nanjing Normal University and the Jiangsu Institute of Intellectual Property Protection and Development.

This lecture was presided over by Fang Le, the deputy dean of the Law School of Nanjing Normal University. Professor Yuan Zhenfu, the deputy dean of the School of Intellectual Property of Shanghai University, was the speaker. Based on his published "Litigation Methodology", Professor Yuan explained the logical thinking and methods in the process of intellectual property litigation from seven aspects. First, Professor Yuan introduced the litigation situation of intellectual property cases, including the year-on-year growth trend of intellectual property cases and the regional characteristics of intellectual property cases—mainly concentrated in Beijing, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. Therefore, he pointed out that this is a relatively favorable development trend for intellectual property lawyers, and emphasized that intellectual property lawyers should cultivate their basic skills in accordance with the development trend of the times.Secondly, Professor Yuan elaborated on the methods to improve the basic skills, including the method of improving the customer experience and the method of meeting with customers, and pointed out the basic principles of interacting with customers, including compliance principles, written principles and synchronization principles. Then, Professor Yuan combed in detail the operation process and experience and lessons of case filing, court opening and case closing.Professor Yuan emphasized the requirements for evidence collation before filing a case and the normative requirements for the writing of pleadings.Professor Yuan pointed out that it is necessary to learn the visual thinking of litigation in preparation for the trial, and to learn to perfect the proxy word after the court. Secondly, Professor Yuan emphasized the need to understand the way of litigation mediation, and he described the advantages of litigation mediation.

Finally, Professor Fang Le from Nanjing Normal University, as the organizer, made a brief summary of the lecture and expressed sincere thanks to Professor Yuan Zhenfu for coming. So far, the topic lecture of "Intellectual Property Litigation Thinking and Its Business Logic" was a complete success!