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Academic Events

NNU Law School’s teacher and students joined a summer program in Georgetown University

NNU Law School’s teacher and students joined a summer program in Georgetown University


During the 15th to 30th of the July 2016, Dr. Yao took Ni Guowei, Zhang Zhiding and Jiang Xuanyu to take part in the summer program called “US. Constitution and American Economy”, which was held by Georgetown University. As the way of implementing international development strategy on law major, overseas exchange program is aimed at broadening students’ horizontal and practicing the ability of communication. It can also improve the quality of students and make a great ground for further international cooperation.

At the first week, Dr. Yao and the students attended the hearing over Hilary’s scandal and chatted with the judge at United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. The group also had an online chat with Alito, Chief Justice of the United States. At Williams & Connolly LLP, one of the great law firms in Washington, Emmet Flood, who was the counselor of the former president, made an introduction on U.S. administrative system. The students made a visit to Justice Marshall’s former residence in Virginia, whose owner was the judge of the Marbury v. Madison case. The visit to CCTV America studio made the group aware of the operation and prospect of Chinese media in America. Chatting with congressman left the students an impression on the political selection in America.

At the second week, the students made a visit to Capital Hill and Library of Congress. John Baker, the teacher of the program, took the group to have a chat in Jones Day, which was the second biggest law firm all around the world. The lawyers made an introduction on the mergers and acquisitions, constitution and financial affairs of banks. The group also took a visit to US Chamber of Commerce and NFIB.

John Baker, the professor of Georgetown University, organized all the activities and gave 10 fantastic and lively lectures, ranging from US Constitution to The Federalist Papers, which left a deep impression on our students.