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Academic Events

Professor Qin Ce invited to attend Cross Gate Law Forum of Macao University of Science and Technology (MUST)

On the evening of October 26th, Professor Qin Ce from our college was invited to be the reporter of the first round of 2017-2018 academic year Cross Gate Law Forum, which was organized by Faculty of Law of MUST, and sponsored by Macau Foundation and Macao Science and Technology University Foundation. The forum was held at Room N316, Building N, Macau University of Science and Technology, with the theme of "Confrontational Justice and Cooperative Justice."

At the same time, Professor Wang Haiyan, one of The Eighth National Ten Outstanding Young Jurist professor of China University of Political Science and Law, with Professor Song Zhijun who is the vice president of Criminal Justice College of Northwest University of Political Science and Law were also invited to be reporters. The forum was held in the form of a three-person talk. In addition, Mr. Zeng Xinzhi, the lawyer from MacauLitu Law Firm, with Mr.Zhang Bin that is the associate professor in Zhoukou Normal University and Ph.Dcandidate in Faculty of Law of Macau, were also invited. The forum washeld by Professor Zhao Linlin, the associate professor of Faculty of Law. Moreover, Mr.Peng Yunpeng, Mr.Mou Xiaobo, assistant professors of Faculty of Law and one hundred students from Faculty of Law attended the forum.

Mr.Qin delivered a report titled "Jurisprudential Thinking of Cooperative Criminal Procedure", focusing on the Cooperative Judicial Mode and pointing out that the essence of Cooperative Criminal Justice is the formation of the contractual litigation relationship, and walking on two legs should be considered in the judicial system, that is, combining substantive reform of trial with system of Leniency on Admission of Guilty and Acceptance of Punishment, will help the criminal justice system to withstand the amount of existing cases. And then, Mr.Qin expounded the essential connotation of cooperative criminal procedure, the value rationality of cooperative criminal justice, the legitimacy of the procedure of cooperative criminal justice and the stability of law after the introduction into cooperative criminal procedure and so on.

In the forum, Professor Wang and Professor Song also gave wonderful speeches. As guests, Mr. Zeng and Mr. Zhang made positive responses to them and elaborated on the basis of the criminal justice system in Macao. The forum lasted nearly three hours. During three hours, students presentabsorbed themselves in it and raised high-quality questionsin the interaction session. The forum ended with a nice round of applause from students. The theme of this forum is a hot topic in both Macao and the Mainland, arousing the resonance of the guests and students present and contributing to the further exchanges and cooperation in the relevant fields between the two places.