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Academic Events

Random Talk on Comprehensive Supporting Reform of Judicial System


On April 6, 2021, our court was honored to invite Deputy Director Liu Zheng of the Office of the Judicial Reform Leading Group of the Supreme People's Court to the Law School to give a lecture. This lecture was hosted by the Law School of Nanjing Normal University and the Regional Judicial Development Platform of the Regional Legal Development Collaborative Innovation Center of Jiangsu Universities. The lecture was based on "Comprehensive Reform of the Judicial System". The talker was Li Hao, a doctoral supervisor in the Law School of Nanjing Normal University. Professor Fang Le, Dean of Nanjing Normal University Law School and PhD supervisor. Many teachers and dozens of students from the School of Law listened to this lecture in meeting room 410 of Xingmin Building.

Deputy Director Liu Zheng not only has an in-depth understanding of the mission and history of my country's judicial reform, but also has a strong sense of responsibility and mission for my country's socialist modernization and construction of a strong country under the rule of law. In this lecture, he mainly introduced the following four aspects: 1. The role of the court in the national governance system; 2. How to ensure judicial impartiality; 3. How to resolve the contradiction between many cases and few people; 4. Regarding the uniform application of the law. For each aspect, Deputy Director Liu Zheng gave a detailed explanation.

Interviewer Professor Li Hao combined with the changes in the pressure of cases undertaken by the courts of our country, and supplemented the countermeasures on how to resolve the contradiction between large numbers of cases and small numbers of people. On the other hand, Professor Fang Le pointed out that issues such as the governance of litigation sources and contradictions between persons and cases are frontier issues in the reform of my country's judicial system, and the solution of these issues requires systematic and in-depth thinking. The reform of the judicial system in our country needs an overall theory to support it. In the reform, it is necessary to consider all aspects of the problem more pragmatically and comprehensively. Teacher Pan Xi asked questions about the content of the lecture, and Deputy Director Liu Zheng responded.

Through this lecture, the students have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding and understanding of the development process, main content and positive effects of my country's judicial system reform, and effectively broadened their research horizons and enriched their research perspectives. Finally, with warm applause, the lecture ended successfully.

(Recorded by: Liu Xien)