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Research on the Development of Rule of Law along the Belt and Road Inaugurated

Research on the Development of Rule of Law

along the Belt and Road Inaugurated



The Summer School Research on the Development of Rule of Law along the Belt and Road inaugurates on July 9th ,2017.The ceremony started at 8:30am in the lecture room of Xianlin Hotel.There are six programs in the ceremony. Director of Degree Office & Chief of Graduate Education Division of Education Depatrment,Jiangsu Province Yang Shubing,Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Nanjing Normal University Xu Weiming , Dean of law school President Cai Daotong,Deputy secretary of the party committee of the law school Zhu Ning,Teacher Zhu Zhiyi and all the students of the summer school participated.Deputy secretary Zhu Ning presided over the ceremony.

The first is the welcome speech delivered by President Cai Daotong, Dean of law school.Professor Cai expressed the welcome to the students from all over the country and around the world.And Professor Cai gave an introduction of the law school .Law School of Nanjing Normal University (the “Law School”) has been established since March, 2001. The Law School grants Ph.D., Master and Bachelor degrees in all sub-fields of law, while it has a post-doctoral research station of law.The Law School has excellent faculty members, including 22 doctoral supervisors and 54 master supervisors. Some of them are famous academic leaders in China. The Law School enjoys a great reputation in the fields of legal modernization, procedural law and so on. And in the disciplinary assessment of the Ministry of Education in 2012, The Law School ranked the 13th in China. The discipline of Legal Theory of this law school has been approved as a National Key (Cultivation) Discipline. Moreover, the disciplines of Legal Theory and Procedural Law have been selected as Jiangsu Provincial Key Disciplines. The Law Discipline is the only one supported by Jiangsu Provincial Government among all the law schools in this province. The Law school is the leading unit of Jiangsu University Collaborative Innovation Center of the Development of Regional Rule of Law.The Law School has actively developed international academic exchange activities for years. It has a long-term relationship with University of Maryland School of Law, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law, Swansea University School of Law, City University London, Hokkaido university in Japan, Toin University of Yokohama, Fu Jen Catholic University, Soochow University in Taiwan.Whats’ more ,Professor Cai pointed that this summer school is not only to broaden the horizons of Chinese and Foreign elite law students, but also to provide more opportunities for the cooperation of Chinese and foreign legal research.

The second and the third programs are speeches by the representative students  Zhu minyan form Zhejiang University and Masahito Skekiguchi from Japan,they all think that Jiangsu Province is located in intersection of the Silk Road economic zone and the sea Silk Road , the strength of industry, science and education resources, innovation platform, a lot of institutional mechanisms for China's strategy along the way to promote a very important role. This is a chance to come to the Nanjing Normal University Law School and learn to the scholars and experts here together with the outstanding students. As Gilles says, law is a kind of local knowledge. At the same time, as a law students we share the same pursuit, that is: getting the world as the right to truth in mind. With the deepening of the process of globalization, integration of the trend is becoming increasingly evident. In the context of a big strategy along the road, China is bound to have more in the international voice.

The forth program is spch delivered by Xu Weiming,the Secretary of the Commission forcDiscipline Inspection of Nanjing Normal University.He says that 2017 Jiangsu Provincial Summer School for Post Graduate Students is sponsored by Nanjing Normal University and organized by the Law School of Nanjing Normal University, Institute for Chinese Legal Modernization Studies, and University Collaborative Innovation Center of the Development of Regional Rule of Law. Based on the strength of Law School, Nanjing Normal University, 2017 Jiangsu Provincial Summer School for Post Graduate Students targets the research on the Development of Rule and Law along the Belt and Road. The scholars and experts from enterprises participating in the Belt and Road construction, legal services department, government agency and scientific research institutes which carry out relevant research will give lectures in this summer school, which gives a valuable chance to the students to exchange their thoughts with the above scholars and experts. The students will also have a tour to the enterprises, and arbitration commissions. This summer school aims at training professional talents with full knowledge of both the chance and the challenge of the Belt and Road to serve for the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative.He believes that the program will be held well by the Law School.

The fifth program is speech delivered by Yang Shubing,Director of Degree Office & Chief of Graduate Education Division of Education Depatrment,Jiangsu Province ,advancing the construction of Silk road Economic Belt and Maritime Silk Road of 21th century is a great strategic policy made by the Party Central Committee and the State Council to make international and domestic as a whole picture on the basis of the change of global situation, which has an epoch-making significance for starting a new pattern of the reform and opening-up policy and advancing the process of the great revival of the Chinese nation. To provide a historic chance for the development of Jiangsu province, advancing the construction of the Belt and Road is beneficial to the exchanges and cooperation at a higher level between countries and regions along the Belt and Road. It also broadens the internal and external open’s new space, accelerates the speed of economic restructuring and promotes the overall economic competitiveness of Jiangsu province. Jiangsu province is located at the joint of the Belt and Road and has deep historical origin and wide economic and trade cooperation space with countries along the Silk Road. Jiangsu province is of great importance in the Belt and Road strategic policy and desperately in need of professional legal talents to better serve for this great strategic policy.At the same time.

And at the end of the ceremony,all the gusts and teachers take photos with the students of the summer school.


Author:Wang Qingyu,Nanjing Normal University ,Nanjing,Jiangsu,210023