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Series of Lectures on Forensic Science(8): Forensic Examination Technology

On the morning of June 21, 2020, invited by the School of Law of Nanjing Normal University(NNU), the eighth lecture of the serieson forensic science was hold in the Tencent Meeting by teachers, Li Ding and Luan Changxing, from the Department of Medicine of Nanjing Medical University(NMU). Graduate students of forensic science of grade 2019 from NNU joined the lecture.

In the former part, lecturer Li Ding introduced the the common stains and staining method they used as well as the basic knowledge related to cells.

In the course, lecturer Li cited a case which took place in a nursing home. An old man died after being slapped in his face for jumping in the queue to buy lunch. It seems that he was died because of being slapped. However, after observing the stained heart tissue slices, experts found out that it was Coronary heart disease (CHD) that should be responsible for the death while the slap was just stimulus. 

In this case, the staining techniques contributedto determining the underlying cause of death. Beyond the case, the lecturer added several suggestions to avoid CHD, such as reducing the intake of sugar and trans-fatty acids and doing exercise regularly.

In the latter part, lecturer Luan Changxing further presented a particular staining technique which often applied in the Forensic Science, that is toluidine blue staining technique.

The toluidine blue staining technique has been widely applied in the pathological study, including the diagnosis of some allergic diseases, the display and identification of certain tumors. Besides, it is also used in the diagnosis and study of mast cell proliferative diseases. In the end of this lecture, lecturer Luan explained the process of forensic staining. 

Through this lecture, students understand the forensic examination technology better.