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Academic Events

The 11th edition of " the Jurist Tea House (Famous Series) of Nanjing Normal University " was successfully held

On the afternoon of November 28, 2020, Zuo Weimin, a famous jurist and professor of The Law School of Sichuan University, was invited to the 11th edition of the Jurist Tea House (Famous Series) of Nanjing Normal University to lecture on "How Judges Are Tempered: New Thoughts on China's Judicial Empirical Research". The lecture was hosted by Professor Jiang Tao from Law School of Nanjing Normal University.

Professor Zuo Weimin has long been concerned about the empirical research on judicial reform. The core content of this lecture is to summarize the laws contained in the empirical research, investigate the judge selection data, and carry out the empirical case analysis, so as to explore new research paths, find out the existing problems in judge selection, and propose solutions. Professor Zuo Weimin focuses on three parts: First, how to understand the empirical study of China's judiciary; Second, the empirical case study of judge selection; Third, the prospect and suggestion of judicial positive research.

At the end of the lecture, Professor Jiang Tao expressed his gratitude to Professor Zuo Weimin for being invited to participate in this activity during his busy schedule, and for presenting an academic meal for the teachers and students of Nanning Normal University thousands of miles away, and pointed out that Mr. Zuo’s lecture was well prepared , The combing is very detailed, the opinions are very brilliant, and the significance is very important. It emphasizes that the research methods of positive law are worth learning by young teachers and students