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Academic Events

The Age Issue of Construction of Rule of Law in China  under the Economic New Normal

    Under the aegis of the Legal Science Periodical Office of East China University of Political Science, the Institute for Chinese Legal Modernization Studies, and the Law School of Nanjing Normal University, the think tank round-table about the Economic New Normal and Development of rule of law in China was successfully held in Nanjing at May 21, 2016. Closely around the meeting theme, with think tank characteristics, problem oriented, and cross disciplinary perspectives such as political science, economics, management science and jurisprudence, participating scholars had shared an in-depth discussion about a wide range of topics, such as the age issue and theoretical consensus about construction of rule of law in China under the economic new normal, the strategic response of rule of law economic, the reform path of rule of law, the transformation of rule of law society and the innovative development of department law, which reached broad consensus and achieved fruitful results.