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The Lecture of Professor Liu Yingsheng: The Origin and the Development of the Silk Road in the View of China

The Lecture of Professor Liu Yingsheng:

The Origin and the Development of the Silk Road in the View of China


Liu Yingsheng,professor of Nanjing University gave a lecture for students  Research on the Development of Rule of Law along the Belt and Road Summer School students on 10th July,2017 in the lecture hall of Xianlin Hotel.The lecture of Professor Liu includes four aspects,these are the name of the Silk Road,the production of the Silk Road,large navigational era,the future of the Silk Road - the contemporary Silk Road.


Firstly ,Professor Liu dates the name of Silk Road to Donggan language,in their language says“Ба ченджа 《вида чуцы лудо》 зкспедиция ди  жынмуна жзщин вындон!”,this equal to the Latin language :Ba čenja “vida čuzi ludo’’ expedizia di rinmuna raešin veindon,which correspond to“把 参加 伟大绸子路道 考察 的 人们哪热心 问当!”in Chinese.And the name of the Silk Road is essentially original from Ferdinand Freiherr von Richthofen (5 May 1833 – 6 October 1905),Baron von Richthofen.

Secondly he analyses the origin of Silk Road in the view of China.China locates in the East Asian continent,with relatively closed human geography conditions,it faces the sea, has a hinterland - coastal type.And it is adjacent to the south-east of the continent, although thousands of islands scattered in the sea - like Luzon Islands, Indonesia and other islands. But in the ancient times,  the communications across the sea is relatively inconvenient.China locates in the central area of East Asia,with a vast area, large farming area, a large population.Across the sea, Japan, Ryukyu are all with small economic size and population ,in Mongolian Plateau,people there had no complicated technology, Oasis agriculture area has a small social scale,east Asia Central area and the surrounding exchanges, across the sea from North Korea, Japan, Ryukyu is the same cultural area, the basic exchange for the input - learning type, few two-way inspired,the Mongolian Plateau’s material exchange between nomadic and farming and Oasis Farming: Past and Consumption can all be the factors to the origin of the Silk Road.

Focus on the reasons of the origin of the Silk Road,they can be generalized as these:human curiosity and selfishness - a longing for distant civilization and a better life, Chinese position in the world in the history,a high degree of social organization,handicrafts are highly developed,the maturity of ancient Chinese economic system,and immigration activities.

Thirdly,Professor Liu introduces the Navigational Era,he analyzes the lessons from ancient Chinese marine business and the Chinese factors behind the great Maritime Navigation.

Finally,he looks ahead he future of the Silk Road - the contemporary Silk Road,which based on the communication of politics,economicy,and civilization.


Author:Wang Qingyu,Nanjing Normal University ,Nanjing,Jiangsu,210023