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The Lecture on Social Reconstruction and Rule of Law Reform in the Information Age was held successfully

The Lecture on Social Reconstruction and Rule of Law Reform in the Information Age

was held successfully


On the morning of April 24, 2019, Professor ZhiZhenfeng, a research fellow of the Law Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a professor of the University of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and a top-notch young person of the National People's Plan, was invited to attend the Law School of Nanjing Normal University and gave an academic lecture entitled "Social Reconstruction and Rule of Law Reform in the Information Age". The lecture was presided over by Mr. Fang Le, School of Law, Nanjing normal University. Mr. Chen Hui, Mr. Li Yang, Mr. Liu Tao and Mr. Yang Jian participated in the discussion.

Professor Zhi Zhenfeng said that the reason for discussing this issue is that in the current Internet era, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other technologies have brought tremendous changes to social life. While providing convenience to people, they have also brought many problems. The rule of law must respond to some problems in a timely manner, but some problems can not even be answered by the rule of law. Teacher Zhi Zhenfeng pointed out that these problems can be found everywhere in life. Because the development of information revolution is not a single breakthrough. And it must be the combination of technology application and market, so citizens enjoy the convenience brought by the information revolution, at the same time, they also give away their privacy and other personal information. It brings a certain sense of insecurity and distrust to citizens. For example, Internet enterprises assure users that they will not keep records of peer-to-peer information exchanges between users. However, China's "Network Security Law" requires Internet enterprises to keep network logs for six months. If they do not retain peer-to-peer information, Internet enterprises will break the law, which is a representative problem.

In the link of communication and questioning, Professor Yang Jian pointed out that Professor Zhi'sperspective is more critical, and raised some methodological questions. Professor Chen Hui raised some questions about axiology. If AI and Internet can bring more and more people to infinite happiness experience, whether all other values are no longer important. The students also mentioned the legal regulation of APP precise push and the legal regulation of white hat hackers. Teacher Zhi gave excellent answers one by one.