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Academic Events

The seminar on "Administrative Jurisprudence in Civil Code" was successfully held


On June 28, 2020, by the government of nanjing normal university law school governance and administrative jurisprudence research center, nanjing normal university school of law, constitution and administrative law subject, institute of China academy of modern rule of law government under the rule of law guide support of "administrative law in civil code" academic seminar, successfully held in the online form.Fifteen experts and scholars from Fuzhou University, Ocean University of China, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Zhejiang University of Technology, Southeast University, Nanjing Normal University and other universities in The province conducted in-depth exchange and discussion around the conference theme. In addition, nearly 100 scholars and students from all units in and outside the province joined in the online auditing of the conference.The seminar is divided into five items: speech, keynote report, keynote speech, free discussion and academic summary. It is chaired by Associate Professor Wu Huan, director of the Center for Government Governance and Administrative Jurisprudence of Nanjing Normal University Law School.

Secretary of the party committee, nanjing normal university law school professor hong-ming sui, vice President of the China academy of rule of law modernization in meeting academic summarize high reputation in the selected topic and the timing of this meeting, as well as the participating experts and scholars of communication to speak with the characteristics of the rendered, focus on the topic, the consensus and further research direction.He points out that the scholars mainly from historical textual research, legal thought, standardization of deconstruction and empirical analysis on the four face to expand exchanges, the civil code of the origin and development of administrative legal evolution, theoretical foundation, relying on the system structure and further discusses problems such as, in a small scale is a new topic, the research of interdisciplinary academic meeting.Prof. Sui Hongming also profoundly interpreted the era, nationality and Chinese characteristics of China's Civil Code from the strategic height of modernization of national governance system and governance capacity.In "civil code", he thought, independent personality right into legislative innovation such as braided highly demonstrated to the people as the center of the development of ideas, residency, proprietorship, such as high altitude parabolic legislation introduced in the main body of public rights fully shows the work sharing management concept, the socialist core values into the civil legislation in the value orientation of characterization of the German and French or cure.All these have laid a solid foundation for the Civil Code to become an encyclopedia of the social life of the Chinese people in the new era.

Wu Huan, associate professor of Law School of Nanjing Normal University, said when presiding over the meeting that the Center for Government Governance and Administrative Jurisprudence of Law School of Nanjing Normal University is a small academic-level scientific research institution with the academic purpose of "discovering administrative jurisprudence in China from the perspective of changing the order of thinking and governance, and moving towards the jurisprudence of governance".This conference is the first formal academic activity held by the Center. In the future, more and more academic activities will be held to promote the research of Chinese administrative jurisprudence with academic colleagues.