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Academic Events

The seminar on "The Integrated Development of Civil Law of Human Nature and Criminal Law of Property" was held successfully

At around 2 p.m. 17 December 2020, Professor Liu Yanhong, dean of Law School of Southeast University, was invited to the Law School of Nanjing Normal University to lecture on the Integrated Development of Civil Law of Human Nature and Criminal Law of Property Nature.

Professor Liu Yanhong discussed ‘The Fusion of Ideas of Civil Law and Criminal Law: Human Nature and Physical Nature’ ‘Application of the Principles of Civil Law of Human Nature and Criminal Law of Property’ ‘The Integrated Development of The System of Human Nature Civil Law and Property punishment Criminal Law’ ‘Application of integrated Interpretation of Individual Crimes under the Unified Principle of Civil Punishment’. Professor Liu Yanhong stressed in the lecture that we should adhere to the concept of "the expansion of civil law and the modesty of criminal law". Under the background of the mutual penetration and integration of public and private law, the civil law of human nature helps to strengthen the humanity of criminal law and realize the humanization of physical criminal law.

In the exchange and interaction, Professor Liu Yanhong patiently answered the students' questions on issues such as separate identification of environmental public interest lawsuits, lowering the age of criminal responsibility for minors, and positive views on criminal law legislation.

Finally, Professor Jiang Tao used "thank " "moved" and "touch" three key words to carry on the brief summary to the lecture, emphasized that the lecture activity was a rare academic dinner. Professor Liu Yanhong as a master of criminal law, with legal thinking about the concept of criminal law, criminal law systemand the methods to explain, had opened up a new field in the research of criminal jurisprudence.

At this point, the lecture came to end in warm applause!