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Academic Events

The Students in Nanjing Normal University Law School Participated in the Summer Exchange Activities of King's College London(KCL).

On July 14, 2017, Chen Yuyue and Zhang Yueyuan from Nanjing normal university participated in the government scholarship program for overseas study of Jiangsu university students in 2017 and started a month-long study of law, politics and western sociology at King's College London. This course consisted of 39 students who came from major universities in Jiangsu Province. Nanjing normal university has a total of eight students in this project. All of students have enjoyed wonderful time abroad and accompanied each other.

The curriculum content is rich and wonderful and divided into classroom teaching, guest lectures, visiting the places of interest, cultural observation and other activities. The learning journey Everyone received the king-like courtesy, felt the enthusiasm of King's College teachers and experienced the exquisite life of Londoners and the prosperity of London.

Classroom teaching is divided into English language class and Lecture. Professor Diana and Professor Pablo are responsible for Lecture and three other teachers are responsible for the English language class. The two courses complement each other and help students to receive full English teaching. The content of Lecture mainly deals with the polity and society of Britain. Starting with the Brexit, Lecture introduced the basic knowledge of English polity like the integral structure and political parties of Britain. The worldwide democracy, the relation between Britain and the EU and the worldwide Anti-terrorism are also involved. Just as western teaching methods, students can ask questions and interact with each other freely. Besides, students should ponder problems critically and complete group   presentations, such as preparing for simulating political party election speeches and simulating political party elections in a short period of time. All the events will not only give students a basic understanding of the current political situation and political crisis   of the UK, but also make students to be integrated into the top international university classrooms to experience a purely full English teaching.

Guest Lectures are also the features of curriculum. The guests of lectures have popularity and outstanding achievements. The name of the first guest is Amelia who is the leader of GRREN PARTY. She gave a passionate and convictive talk which is like her campaign speech to students for about one hour. Students had a deep understanding about the GRREN PARTY which is the emerging political party in the UK by her speech and felt the charm of English polity. Every party has it’s own guidelines and idea and different parties are on behalf of different groups, which is the quintessence of English democracy. The second guest was Christian Thiel who was from LSE Enterprise. He, who was a business elite, analyzed some social problems by precise data and asked students to group and play roles to invest some states. Due to the limited time, students failed to long for more. However, the greatly meaningful game brought them the ideas of financial investment and made them comprehend the regulations of international trade. The third guest was Gabor Podmaniczky who worked in Bloomberg. He introduced the experience of working in the top firms and how these entities apply the law in business. Besides, he asked six questions to students and got them to think over the political and economic impact of Brexit. The atmosphere of lecture was so tense that everyone found themselves in the commercial review. The fourth guest was a prestigious lawyer whose name was Guy Coleman. He was the head of the Lamb Chambers Personal Injury Group. Because his speech was related to students’ major, everyone listened intently. He introduced the composition of the English court and some interesting experiences during working. Students could feel the charm of an English lawyer by his serious attitude and unhurried tone. At a word, every lecture was greatly wonderful. Professors shared their familiar working experiences with us and provided endless brainstorm to us. Students knew the horizon of elites by a series of teaching which will impel them to get out of comfort zone and cultivate higher purpose in life.