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Fei Ni Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
  • Rule of Law Theory
  • Competition Law
Research Interests: 
  • Rule of Law Theory
  • Competition Law


7/2015-7/2016 WASHINGTON UNVERSITY IN ST. LOUIS    Visiting scholar, School of Law

9/2006-7/2009 CHINESE ACADEMY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES (CASS)    Ph.D of Jurisprudence, Institute of Law, CASS 

5/2008-8/2008 NATIONAL CHENGCHI UNIVERSITY (TAI WAN)    Research student, College of Law

9/2004-7/2006 HUAQIAO UNIVERSITY    Master. of Economic Law, School of Law

9/1998-7/2002 ANHUI NORMAL UNIVERSITY    Bachelor. of Law, School of Law


Research Interests and Teaching Courses

Research Interests: Rule of Law theory, Competition Law

Teaching Courses: Market Regulation Law, Frontier of Economic Law    Selected Publications


Journal articles:

Fei Ni (2013).“Realizing Rule of Law in Advance: Local Path and Its Limits”. Chinese Journal of Law,5,63-74.

Fei Ni (2012). “On the Two Basic Propositions of Marxist Demise State Theory: and refute the views of Kelsen”. Socialism Studies, 8,10-13.

Fei Ni (2011). “Macro-Control in Risk Society and Its Legal Prevention Mechanism”. Jianghai Academic Journal.2,228-233.

Fei Ni (2011). “On the Protection of Consumer's Rights in Network Transactions and its Legislative Improvements”. Hebei Law Science. 4,127-131.

Fei Ni (2010). “On Legalization of Public Interest as an Uncertain Concept”.Journal ofAnhui Normal University(Hum.&Soc.Sci.).5,565-570.

Fei Ni (2010). “On the Legal Type of Public Interest: based on the norm of regulation aim” . Studies in Law and Business.2,3-8.

Fei Ni (2009). “Legalization of Public Interest: theory, path and system”. Science of Law.5,38-50. 

Fei Ni (2009). “Historical Logic of Legal Formal Rationality Theory and Its Revelation”.5,591-596.

Fei Ni (2009). “On the Modern Legal Turn of Public Interest Theory”. Political Science and Law.9,52-55.

Fei Ni (2008).“Several Legal Methodology Problems in the Case Guiding System”. Journal of Shantou University(Humanities Edition).3,66-69.



Fei Ni (2012). “Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Germany(4th revised edition)”. Beijing: The Commercial Press.( The original book: Manfred Weiss, Marlene

Schmidt(2008). “Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Germany(4th revised edition)”. Leiden:Kluwer Law International. 

Fei Ni (2007). “Property Rights Systems and the Rule of Law”. Comparative Economic and Social Systems.5,1-7.(The original thesis: Ronald A. Cass. “Property Rights Systems and the Rule of Law”,the Elgar Companion to Property Right Economics(2003),Enrico Colombatto ed., Cheltenham, United Kingdom: Edward Elgar Publications. )


Conference paper:

Fei Ni. “Realizing Rule of Law in Advance: Local Path and Its Limits”, in International Conference on“The Rule of Law with Chinese Characteristic” ,Hong Kong, June 5-7,2013.


Cell: (86)15261420909